Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm Back and I Have the World's Best Husband!

I have been in Florida for the past 2 weeks to be there for my aunt who had surgery (she is doing well), and as nice as it is to visit it is sooo nice to be home! Here are some pictures from Florida:

My cousin Emily

My cousin Gabe, (he’s a teenager, could you have guessed)

My Aunt Jill

My grandmother

My mother

Me, my grandmother, my aunt, my mother, Emily, and Baby Boy

I missed my hubby and doggies! When I walked in the door not only was the whole house clean but I got some wonderful surprises as well. First, Chris replaced the tree in the back yard that the dogs had dug up (yes they really did dig up a whole tree, that’s what you get when you have a Great Dane, She now carries around the trunk like a stick, it’s actually funny to watch) and he had cleaned out the baby’s room and closet, hung up the clothes we already had, and best of all, ordered and put together the furniture that I had picked out!!! I had no idea he was going to do any of that!! He is the world’s best husband and I can’t praise him enough! He is so thoughtful and so kind and I adore him. Now we have to wait for the bedding to arrive to be able to paint and finish the room. I will definitely post pictures when we have the room complete.

We will definitely be protecting this tree; the grass we had to replace is finally starting to come in too!

Here is our crib (the bedding has not arrived yet)

Here is our changer (we changed out the drawer handles to give it a more contemporary feel)

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Shannah said...

I'm amazed by your beautiful family...

And Chris!!! What a great thing! Especially the tree. It's so cool that always that tree will be the same age as your boy. When you've moved away you can drive by the back yard and look and see how it's grown.

The room is really starting to come together, too! Can't wait to see it. :-)