Sunday, December 30, 2007

Music to My Ears

Milo said Ma. MA. granted he said it to the toy bar on his playmat but he still said it. I can't wait until he looks at me and says mama to me and knows that it means me. Chris is still holding out hope that it will be Dada first but I think I've got him beat!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Growth Spurt

Milo is on a growth spurt right now and it's quite frustrating. He was sleeping from 8pm-4am waking to eat and going right back to sleep until 7 or 8 consistently for several weeks now but for the last few days he has been waking up almost every hour at night and wanting to eat about every 2 hours. I am so tired. I can't wait for this growth spurt to end.

He is also able now to sit propped up and is starting to discover his toes. I can't wait until he puts them in his mouth!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

3 Month Update

Milo turned 3 months old yesterday! I can’t believe the time has gone by so fast. He has gotten so big and is really interacting with us now. He is still hitting all of his milestone (or Milostones as my aunt calls them). He has been holding his head steady and tracking objects for a while now, he is also using his hands more to grasp things, he defiantly recognizes me and his daddy (it makes me feel so good when he quiets down when he gets near me!), he turns towards loud sounds, and he laughs gurgles and coos so much. He loves to “tell us stories” and we definitely love to listen. He might be left handed as well. The other day I saw him bat at a rattle on his bouncy seat and he did it with his left hand. Then again it may have been because it was on his left. It’s probably still to early to call. He’s spied his feet but is not that interested in them yet. I can't wait to post pic of him with his foot in his mouth.

Our little Red Raider mugging in daddy's hat

My Boys

Mama Kisses

Cutie in a car seat

Milo riding Bailey

Chris mugging for the camera

Some Assembly Required

Chris and I discovered another joy of parenthood, the after Christmas putting together of all your kids toys. My parents and I got Milo and exer-saucer and it took Chris and hour and a half to get the darn thing put together. He said who ever wrote the instructions had to have been drunk. And, of course, after we got it all together we had to run to the store to get the 50 million batteries needed to operate it. We still haven’t tackled the high chair he got from the his Nanny and Papa. We needed to recoup form the exer-saucer.

All the parts and pieces

Ahhh power tools

...and where was momma during all of this? Sitting in the glider taking pictures, drinking hot cocoa.

Bailey was a little freaked out by the new toy

Sniffing just to make sure it's okay

Milo on the playmat

Milo enjoying the exer-saucer. This makes putting the toys together all worth it.

Family Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with Chris’ family yesterday and had a blast. My parents came up on Christmas Eve and spent the night with us and my mom and I went shopping for Milo Christmas gift while Chris, my dad, my father-in-law, Grandfather-in-law, and Brother-in-law went bowling. On Christmas morning Sheralyn (my mother-in-law) made all of us breakfast and we played games and mom and dad played and sang until lunch. Then it was present time and Ethan (my nephew) had a blast passing out presents and opening them. Milo slept through all of that which was amazing given the noise level! I can’t wait until next year when Milo will be able to toddle around and open his own presents. The adults had a white elephant gift exchange and a couples gift exchange which was a blast. I love that my parents and In-laws can have Christmas together and it be such a joyful relaxed time. They really do like each other and enjoy each others company, it makes life so nice. I definitely got blessed when I married Chris, not only with the worlds best husband but with the worlds best in-laws as well!

Here are a few pics:

Papa found his grand-dog a new ball for Christmas

Sweet Brooke (my niece)

Ethan (my nephew) cuddling with his mom

Silly Memaw (my grandmother-in-law)

I was trying to take a pic of Milo with the tree background but he was really not liking it.

Brooke was Chewing on my camera strap as I took her pic

My husband is so silly

Mom and Dad entertaining the crowd

Ethan trapped by Chris' big feet

Waiting patiently to open presents

Milo Sleeping on Gamaw

Milo playing on the floor in his penguin outfit

Ethan helping Nanny pass out presents

His cool big present

Chris opening Milo's gifts. I think he is going to inherit his daddy's penguin obsession

Sheralyn gave all the guys a hand held game called 20 questions and after they all opened them things got really quiet and these pics were happening all at the same time.

Ethan got a guitar for Christmas and here he is, a future Rock Star in the making

Brooke was taking a nap during the present opening but when she got up she got to open hers too.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Trip

We went to Brad and Nikki's yesterday to celebrate Christmas with my family. While the trip there and back all in one day was tough I was really glad we went. It was so nice to see my brother and sister-in=law and nieces and nephews at Christmas and if we hadn't gone down there that would have happened this year.

Here's a few photos of the event!

Gamaw with the Cousins, Milo and Gavin

The ever entertaining Garrison


Grant and the Ball

Grayson and Silly Papa

Little Mama Evye and Milo

Pretty Girls Evye and Aubry

Jumping off the Coffee Table: A favorite a game to play with Uncle Chris

The object ofcourse is to get tickled