Friday, February 29, 2008

Weird Searches

I have a thing at the bottom of my bog that lets me monitor the traffic on it. One of the features is that I get to see the search terms that led someone to my blog if they get there through a search engine like Google. I just checked it and someone was led to my blog through a search called "baby getting pooped on by a cocker spaniel". That made me laugh really hard. Why would someone search for that and WHY would it lead them here!?! Yes, I have a baby and I have a cocker spaniel, and yes, they both poop, but I can assure you they have never pooped on each other. People are so strange :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

5 Month Update

Month 5 saw a great many changes in Milo. He got his first teeth, he is starting to sit up on his own, starting to eat solid foods and he's getting really interested in the world around him. He is grabbing at anything in front of him and trying to put it into his mouth. He is almost getting his toes in there and I feel sure it's only a matter of time. He is still enamored with Tux and loves watching Bailey and other dogs in his life do just about anything dogs do (maybe he'll be a vet?). He has put on nearly two pounds this month as of the last weight-in a little over a week ago. His legs are looking plumpy and he's starting to get a little Buddha belly. His cheeks are filling out enough to see a little dimple too! The more he grows and changes the more I fall in love with my son. When I look at him I see everything that is right with the world. To me he is the most beautiful, smart, amazing little boy the world has ever seen and I am excessively proud and thrilled to be his mother. I couldn't imagine a better baby for me. He and his father are my whole world and I am loving every minute I am blessed to spend with them.

Here are a few of his 5 month pics:


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Veggie

Milo is not impressed with cereal. I have never actually been able to get him even close to finishing all of a serving. But I figured it was practice anyway so it's not that big of a deal and didn't stress over it. We were in the store yestarday and I was walking down the baby food isle and I decided the time was ripe to try his first veggie. So today we tried peas and he loved them. I guess I should have started with green beans or something else not as sweet but I know that Milo has a HUGE sweet tooth (he takes after his Momma that way) and I wanted the first veggie to be a success so I picked a sweet one. He almost finished the whole container. He might have too if it hadn't been right before his nap, by the end of the feeding he was getting cranky. I guess I am going to have to work on finding a better feeding time. I did get a tip from another mom at the playgroup to add cereal to his baby food to see if he likes that better. I might try that add see how it goes. Also after looking at how much baby food costs I am going to look into making my own and see how that goes. Plus I think that I could find more stuff to make. I was a little shocked that there isn't a greater variety of first foods. I just have to figure out how to make my own baby food. Lot's of people do it though so it can't be that hard, right?


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2nd Play Date

Milo and I went to our 2nd play date today. He is really beginning to enjoy being around other kids. And I am definitely enjoying the company of other adults. Being a stay at home mom can get lonely and I really need the socialization. I continue to be free of the social anxiety that usually plagues me when I go to meet new people. I guess that is a sign of how much I need this. Milo doesn't do a lot of interacting yet because all of the kids are older than he is and he not quite mobile. Also there is only one other baby. But he loves to watch everybody and see whats going on. He did really well today until I got up to fix my plate of food and one of the other ladies watched him for me. He lost it about that time. I guess he's just not used to being held by people other than me and he was getting tired and hungry about that time so we left shortly there after. I did manage to get a few pics though. (finally remembered my CF card)

Milo and his new girlfriend Alysia

I think the "girls have coodies" thing starts early. We kept trying to get him to interact with her and he kept looking the other way!

This is so cute it looks like she is telling him a secret but she was actually going for his ear :)

This is Jessica

This pic of Jessica made me laugh so hard.

I am so bad with names. This is one of the twins, rocking my sunglasses right before he and his brother broke them (it's ok, they were WAY cheap)

And this is the other twin

I can't remember this little boys name but he's certainly a cutie

This is Emily

This is Alysia

This is Trenton

Jessica was very interested in Milo, especially while he was in her mommies lap!

While Jessica was playing with Milo's head he was also getting a foot rub. He was quite the center of attention for a minute!


Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sitting Alone for the First Time!

This week has been quite a week for big accomplishments. First Milo got two teeth and then, at not quite 5 months old, HE SAT ALONE FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!! I went into his bedroom to get pics of the nebulizer equipment and when I cam back Chris was trying to get him to sit alone. So I very luckily happened to have my camera in hand when he did it for the first time! I am so happy and proud. Granted he is VERY wobbly and can only do it for a second before face planting but it still a great big accomplishment and I couldn't be happier!

The first sit pic

Still a little wobblely

Falling over, don't worry daddy caught him

Distracted by the carpet

More Practice


Gotta Get That Dog!

Milo is fascinated by Bailey. Espcially his little nubby tail. He loves for us to hold him while he watches Bailey chase the ball, the lazer light or whatever. So now that he has gotten bigger we try to get him close enough to pet Bailey. He usually ends up grabbing his fur and yanking or Bailey stays out of arms reach but every so often he does get a pet in.

You have no idea how hard it was to get Bailey to stand at least semi still for these pics!


Breathing Treatments

We had to start breathing treatments last night. During dinner Milo was sitting in his bumpo as usual and he start panting and wheezing. So I called the doc and she got us breathing treatments for him. I had to drive all over town getting the nebulizer and the meds right as it was Milo's bed time. By the time I got back it was an hour past bed time and he was UNHAPPY! One of the parts of the nebulizer is a mask for kids and it's in the shape of a dragon. The lady who showed me how to use it said that looks like a fire breathing dragon when it's going and the mist is coming out of it. I thought that was a really cute idea for a kid who has to use the thing all the time. The mask is for kids though and is WAY too big for Milo so we are using a tube to blow the mist in his face. He is not overly fond of it but doesn't fight it too badly.

This is the dragon mask. It's it cute!

The nebulizer


Messed Up Nap Schedule

Being sick has gotten Milo's nap schedule all messed up and I hate it. He now take three short naps a day as opposed to the two long naps he used to take. He has also been waking up at 6:00 am recently too! The three nap thing has made it really hard to plan the day too. I used to know basically when he would go down and get up but now I have no idea and it's driving me nuts. Also there is a shorter period of time between naps so if we have to get out and do anything it make it a lot harder. It's effected his feeding schedule and everything else as well. I never knew how much of a mothers day revolved around a nap schedule. I REALLY want to him to go back to the previous nap schedule but if he keeps waking up at 6:00 am I really don't see how he can and I have no idea how to get him on the nap schedule I want him on either. He just fell into the first schedule so I have never actively tried to put him on one. Most of all though I want him to sleep later. I was never meant to be a morning person and this 6:00 am thing has me frazzled. UGH! I am so tired.