Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Official

No matter what pics I put in I always got the same results. I guess that settles that!

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4 Month Update

We took Milo to the doctor for his 4 month checkup yestarday and to say that things didn't go well would be putting it mildly. He gained length just fine but when we went to weight him he had only gained 5 ounces in 2 months. I knew he had been looking very thin but every time I brought it up I was always reassured that he was just long and skinny like his daddy. I will NEVER again dought my instincts and not take him into the doctor sooner. The doctor thinks that it is probably just a calorie problem and if we boast his calorie intake with formula supplementation then hopefully his weight issue would right it's self. Because he has also had trouble pooping she did tell us that there are a number of more serious thing that is could be such as metabolic disorders or Cystic Fibrosis. As soon as I heard CF I lost it right there in the doctors office. She assured us that she wasn't trying to scare us and she didn't think it was any of those things she just wanted us to know that there were more scary things it could be so that we wouldn't get freaked out when we got home and got on the internet and searched for "failure to thrive". Even with all the reassurances I am still desperately worried about my baby.

So we will now be supplementing with formula regularly and go in for weekly weigh-in's to check on his progress. I'm still determined that Milo will have breast milk for at least a year. The formula will just come in addition to his regular nursing schedule. I am going to make an appointment with a lactation consultant to see if they have any nursing advice and get him weighed before and after his feeding to see exactly how much he is actually getting.

He also got shots this time so he's a little cranky today an the doc said his lower gum is a little white and swollen so he maybe getting a tooth soon. He has certainly been drooling enough to suggest that. That kid can, positively, soak his clothes.

Here are a few of Milo's 4 month pics that I took last week.

Milo's Nursery Is On

I submitted the nursery I did for Milo to HGTV's "Rate My Space" and, as of this posting, it is the highest rated space and the most viewed. Check it out at this link! Milo's Nursery

The Beginning of Mobility

Milo is ramping up his effort to become mobile. He can turn over on his side really well now and likes to flop over on his side, kick around, and flop back onto his back. The result is that he is never in the same place twice when I look over to check on him. It won't be long now until I won't be able to keep him contained. My baby is growing up so fast.(sniff)

Ways to Know Your Baby Might be Tired

It was getting close to Milo's nap time when I heard Chris laughing. I looked over and Milo had pulled the play mat over his face and was trying to snuggle with it like he snuggles with his blanket or Tux. What a silly baby!

One Persistant Pup

Bailey ongoing saga to find someone to throw his ball continues. I looked over this time and not only had he laid the ball down by Milo trying to get him to throw it but Bailey was licking his hand as if to show him what he was supposed to be doing with it. I put a stop to that REAL quick. (yucky) But I still thought it was funny.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fun in the Floor

Here are a few pics we took today of us playing with Milo in the floor of his room.

We love each other!

I nuzzled his cheek and he turned and started sucking on my nose!

Cuddle time with Mama

Hi daddy

I just thought this one was sweet

Daddy's gotee is cool

Daddy kisses

Hi Mama

Adventures in Babysitting

I got to baby sit my niece, Brooke, who is ten months old, while her older brother Ethan went to a movie for his potty training reward. Brooke is much more of a forceful personality than Milo so it was quite an adventure. She has fiery red hair and a fiery red headed personality to match! When she first got there Milo was down for his nap so it was just us girls. She played with all of Milo's toys and I took lots of pics.

Then Milo woke up and things got a bit more interesting. After he wakes up from his morning nap he usually eats. My poor baby boy has never had such a chaotic nursing session. Being an only child he's used to having the sole attention especially during feeding time. Of course as soon as he got latched on and started nursing Brooke decided that this is the time to head straight for Bailey's water bowl that I forgot to pick up because I am not used to having a baby on the move in the house. So I have to get up and try to ward her off while Milo is still latched on. Baby Boy is just giving me this look like "what the heck is going on here". That crisis averted I sat down to continue nursing and Brooke decided she wants up on the couch with us. I try to just talk to her and keep her happy while she's still on the floor but after a little while I give in and take Milo off the boob to get her up and of course she wants immediately back down. So there I sit on the couch, I am trying to nurse Milo, keep Brooke on the couch so she doesn't tumble head first off in her attempt to get down and deal with Bailey who is gotten very excited which of course means that it is time to throw the ball he keeps trying to jump up in my lap to give me.

Milo gets done and I realize it would be much easier to keep tabs on them in his room which is much smaller than the living room. I can't carry them both so I lay Milo down and take Brooke in there and, not thinking, close the door so I can go back to get Milo. Brooke is very unhappy about being left behind alone in the room and starts for the door which I am, at that moment, trying to open to get back in there. That's right folks, I whacked my niece in the head with the door. I felt AWFUL! But, then to make matters worse after I got her calmed down I tried to move the bouncy seat out of the middle of the floor so she had more room to play and whacked Milo, who is laying in my lap, in the face with the corner of the thing. I felt DOUBLY AWFUL!

The rest of the time went more smoothly with no more injuries so I took the opportunity to snap more pics. There were a few "Brooke vs. Milo" moments though as there always are when those two get together. It's going to be very interesting to watch them grow up together being so close in age. It's looking right now like Brooke is going to rule the roost, but we'll have to wait and see what Milo does when he gets big enough to defend himself.

Here are a few of the pics I got while she was here. It is A LOT different taking pics of a 10 month old baby than it is of a 4 month old.

This is one of their little scuffles. She stuck her hands in his mouth, He kicked her, She bit his foot. You can tell though they're really fascinated by each others company. I think that's why they try to pick at each other.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Up the Poop Shoot

Milo has not pooped in four days now so I finally got worried enough to call the pedi. and they told me to go get a glycerin suppository to give him and give him a mixture of water and juice. I was really nervous about sticking that thing up my son's butt, but I am so thankful that my mother is a nurse so I could call her and get her to give me instructions on how to do it. That was really helpful, and as it turned out I would not have done it right if left to my own devises. I still didn't like having to do that to him and I'm upset that my son is uncomfortable anyway so I'm crying and crying and he is uncomfortable so he is crying and crying until I finally got the thing in. Then that started a whole new crying jag as it started to work and made Milo even more uncomfortable. I laid him on the floor thinking that movement would help him work out his issues and I laid down on the floor beside him and rubbed noses with him trying to comfort him. When 20 minutes had gone buy and his diaper still wasn't full and he was still crying I got him up and nursed him knowing that was sure fire way of comforting him and he usually went after he ate anyway. As always, the boob worked and he calmed down much to my relief. In the end everything worked out alright but it broke my heart to have to do that to my baby. I guess these are the trials of motherhood. I never realized such small, seemingly insignificant things like giving you son a suppository could be so painful to do. I suffer when my baby suffers. There are of course people I love in this world and who I never want to see hurt or made to suffer in anyway but I have never experienced so much of an attachment that I cry when they're constipated.

There are definitely no pictures on this one. I figured it was best to spare you the visual.

I Conceded the Victory

Everything is harder to do with a baby. Last Sunday I was so determined that we were actually going to make it to church. As soon as Milo woke up I fed him and got him dressed. I even skipped his bath because I knew if I did that we would definitely not make it out the door. As soon as he was ready I went to get ready knowing that I only had about 20 minutes to get a shower and get dressed but I thought I could do it so I tried anyway. That's when Milo started crying to go down for his morning nap (the time between waking up and morning nap is incredibly short). I was really trying to power through but when it was 5 minutes until church started and he was screaming like a banshee and I still didn't have my makeup on I conceded the victory to the sleepy child and put him down for a nap (but not before I snapped some pics in his church clothes, that outfit was way too cute to waste). I wonder if we'll ever make it to church, or anywhere else we have to leave in the morning to get to, for that matter. He is definitely not a morning person. He gets that from me.

Here are the pics of him in his "teddy bear" outfit. You can tell he is none to pleases.

!!! 8 Hours Baby !!!

Milo slept for 8 continuous hours last night! Like usual, he went down at 7:30 after he ate. Then woke up to fuss a little at 9:30 but put himself back to sleep (YAY!) and slept straight through to 5:30 when he woke up to eat. This means Momma is much better rested today and consequently MUCH happier! He's gone that long without eating before but he always wakes up and cries about every 3-4 hours which wakes me up because he usually can't put himself back to sleep without a little help. To get that much continuous sleep is WONDERFUL! Please, please, Dear God, PLEASE let this be the beginning of a pattern. I have been sleep deprived since I was in my last trimester and I could REALLY use the rest!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Lovely Baby Boy

I took some pics of Milo yesterday and just wanted to share.

That Doesn't Look Comfortable

Milo usually sits in the middle of the table in his bumpo chair while we eat and during dinner tonight I was concentrating on my spaghetti when Chris starts laughing and I look up and Milo has one of his feet on top of part of the bumpo desperately trying to get his toes. It really didn't look comfortable but was quite funny.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Check out this story, This woman is the all time champion of dedication to breastfeeding!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A New Friend!

I was trying to get Milo to play by himself for a little while in his crib yesterday and he has this stuffed penguin (go figure) that I kept "pecking" him with which made him laugh! It worked and he got interested in the penguin and played happily for a little while. It didn't take him long to discover that it had a beak that was begging to be gummed and now he loves the thing and is always gumming it's little beaky or it flippers. I think the penguin is going to be beakless by the time he gives it up. The poor thing won't stand a chance after he gets teeth. I had hoped that he would take up with the giraffe that's in his crib but he took up with the penguin instead, Chris is thrilled!

Here are a few pics of Milo and his new friend Tux the Penguin.

"hmmm..., tasty beaky"

Tux love

"come here my little friend, let me bite you"

"give me the paci or the penguin gets it!"

"num, num, num, num..."