Sunday, September 28, 2008


I got to take pics of the beautiful K a couple of weeks ago. It was so fun to photograph her and her big red tutu!

Here are just a few of her pics, you can see the whole collection HERE just click slideshow at the top right hand corner of the screen.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Last Night

On the first night of Milo’s life he was having a hard time sleeping. He absolutely did not want to be in his little hospital bassinet. So in order to calm him I laid him down with his chest on mine so he could hear my heart beat and feel me breathing. He instantly calmed down and fell deeply asleep and slept for hours just laying on my chest. That was such a special memory for me and one I will cherish for the rest of my life. Over the course of his first year we have gotten to do that a few other times and it never fails to be a sweet experience and he never fails to calm down and go deeply to sleep.

Tonight, on the eve of his first birthday, I had to pick him up from his grandparents and drive home with him. He usually falls asleep in the car when we get him so late so I don’t get to rock him I just lay him down already asleep. Even though he was tired he didn’t fall asleep in the car tonight so I was able to nurse and rock him. He fell asleep laying on me, chest to chest, just like the night he was born, listening to my heart beat and feeling me breath. It was so sweet that I got to bookend his first year with that. What a special blessing!

I have loved Milo’s infancy. I can’t imagine loving any stage as much as this one. Chris says I always say that though and I always say that whatever stage he is in is my favorite so far. :) I’ll miss all the baby things that he will never do again but I am looking forward to the rest of the adventure of watching him grow up.

Fair Daze

The fair is in town and our playgroup went on Monday. Milo had fun looking around at all the livestock and sharing one of his buddie's corn dogs. I wanted to get a pic of him holding a giant corn dog but it was so hot that I didn't want him to hold it.
"Hello Ladies"
Milo at the livestock exhibit.
Milo's girlfriend Alysia
This man was blow drying his cow. I had never seen anyone blow dry a cow before so I had to get a pic of it.
Baby Boy was all tuckered out when we left and he conked in the car on the way home.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Rockin' Out with Daddy

We went to Milo's Nanny and Papa's house last night for pie and Milo got to rock out with Daddy on their piano.
"oooh...a toy whale!"
He had a whale of a time. hehehe
Gettin' down with daddy
My boys!


On the Tee Box

Chris went to play golf with a friend yesterday and called to say they were about to be carried off by the mosquitoes and could I please bring bug spray. So I loaded Milo up and off we went to the rescue. When we got there they were on the other side of the course and Milo was unhappy in his carseat so I got him out and took him to play on a tee box that wasn't being used and, like I always do, I took pics of the event. I discovered that it is hard to shoot in bright sunlight for a couple of reasons, one, it's bright so there are harsh shadows and your baby doesn't want to look into the sun and 2, it's so bright that you can't see the view finder very well to check the exposure.
Waiting for daddy
Testing out the grass
"hmmm...I don't think so."
Playing with Momma's keys instead.
Standing like a big boy in his big boy shoes!
Life lessons from Milo:
If one finds one's self in a precarious position without one's paci, insert fist.
He found a discarded tee.
He was a bit frustrated that he couldn't get it out the ground.
Momma helped him out
All in all it was quite fun (and he got his paci back).


Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Declaration

I was thinking about it the other night...

I was the one who got morning sickness, heart burn, constipation, stretch marks, and flabby tummy skin. I was the one who's bladder got tap danced on and who's ribs got bruised. I was the one got cut open and had to recover from a c-section. I was the one who waddled for months. I am the one who still can't fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes. I was the one who got up several times a night to nurse and for various other aliments. I am the one who's been lactating for a year. I am the one who wept when he got a bad sunburn and wailed when I had to change his bandages. I am the one who gave him breathing treatments when he got RSV. I am the one for has been pooped on, peed on, and vomited on numerous times. I am the one who has had to watch him get shots and have a heel stuck. I am the one who's new perfume was Spit Up al a Milo. I am the one who has washed his clothes, fed him, changed him, bathed him and entertained him. I am the one who has rocked him to sleep almost every night and got him up every almost every morning for a year now. I am the one who he wants for comfort. I am the one who gets the most drool kisses and headbutt hugs.

I am the one. It was me.

And because of this I have decided that I get a corner piece of birthday cake. :)
and I guess his daddy can have one too ;)


Big Boy Shoes

Since Milo is starting to try and walk, we took him to the shoe store and got him measured for his first pair of big boy shoes! It was confirmed to me that he has a huge foot, he wears a size 4 1/2! I hardly ever have put shoe on the boy so he didn't quite know what to make of the whole thing. He kept looking at the sales lady who was putting his shoes on with a "what the heck are you putting on my foot" look on his face. We would try to get him to stand up to see where his toes were and he would refuse to put his feet on the floor. He would just dangle from my hands. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me so I didn't get any pics of the event. I could just kick myself!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ganmaw Came to Play!

Ganmaw came up for a visit yesterday! We went shopping for Milo's birthday and had tons of fun. Poor Milo was worn out by the time that we called it a day. He took a 3 hour nap!
Ganmaw and Milo
Milo's current fascination is faces. He loves to stick his fingers in mouths and noses and try to gouge out eyeballs.
"shhh, no Ganmaw, don't say you're leaving."
He really gave Ganmaw the once over. Every time she would turn her head to talk to him he would push her face back around so he could see her earrings
Ganmaw is so much fun!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Bubble Bath

I gave Milo his first bubble bath today! at first he couldn't figure out what that stuff was but it quickly became fun! Then Bailey came in and it made his day!
"Why did you put me in this!?!"
Testing out the bubbles
A duck makes everything better
"Ok, this might be fun." (notice the bubbles I put on his head)
"Yup, this is really fun!"
He spotted Bailey
(squealing like a crazed fan) "OMG! It's the DOG!"
"I love you Bailey"
I love this pic. I finally got to capture how Milo really feels about Bailey.
Holdin gout his hand for Bailey to lick
Laying in the water
Soapy prunie foot.