Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yummy Applesauce

I made my first homemade applesauce for Milo yesterday and boy was it good. Not only had I never made applesauce but I had never tasted warm homemade applesauce either. It smelled heavenly and tasted even better. I gave Milo his portion and ate the rest. It was so simple too, all I did was peal, core, and chop two Breaburn apples. Then boil the pieces until they were soft, drained off the liquid (which was also very tasty), added a little cinnamon and purred in the blender. Cooking is so new to me that I am constantly surprised at how easy all of this stuff really is. My next project is making sorbet and ice cream (not for Milo, for me!).

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I was trying out a new photography prop with Milo the other day and the boy could not stop looking at his own reflection. Of course if I was that cute I would stare at myself too!

This was the only good pic of him looking at the camera I got the whole time.


Dog Show

Since Milo love dogs so much I thought it might be fun to take him to the local dog show this past weekend. He had a blast looking at and trying to reach out the stroller to pet at all the dog. Bailey had a blast sniffing lots of doggy behinds.

Bailey meeting and greeting a new friend

One sweet pup! I embarrassed him by making him wear a pink leash in front of the other dogs.

We took a break to let the older kids play on the playground nearby and Milo played on the bench

Mommy's cutie patooty

There was a contest for best dressed dog and I have come to the conclusion that Chihuahua owners are crazy. Here are a couple of my favorites. The best one was a little girl and her dog dress in matching outfits but I wasn't able to get a pic of it.

One of the greyhounds there was very interested in investigating Milo

This one is for Shannah. I thought this dog had a sweet, "I'm going to lick you in the mouth as soon as I get the chance" face like Roxie!

After it was all said and done the excitement wore Milo out and he crashed in the car.

I found a pic of the little girl and her dog! This pic was taken by a photographer from the local paper.


Visit from the Family

This past weekend Milo go to meet his great Aunt Jill and 2nd cousin Emilee and got to see his great grandmother and Ganmaw again! We had such a good time visiting with them that I forgot to take any pictures. Luckily Aunt Jill sent me some to share.

Me, Milo, Ganmaw, Emilee and Ant Jill's cute little dog Ellabelle

Ganmaw and Milo

Milo was fascinated by Ellabelle, caught here mid-shake.

What a happy baby boy with his little Mohawk!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lots of Teeth

I had Milo laying in my lap this afternoon after we nursed and was making him laugh a trying to get a good look at his mouth when I noticed that he has at least 3 new teeth coming in and possible five! No wonder he has been cranky these past few nights. He will wake up several time during the night and just cry and cry. It's wearing me out but at least I have a reason now. I am not sure about the other two teeth because it looked like there were light spots but when I went to inspect more closely he got mad at me and would open his mouth any more.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

8 Month Professional Photos

Milo had his 8 month professional photos a couple of weeks ago and I just got to look at them today. They are sooo cute. It will be hard to decided which ones to get. They were taken by a lovely and talented photographer named Cyndi.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Play Time with Daddy

Milo and Chris playing with a coaster at On the Border. It so sweet to watch them together.


New Tricks!

This was the only pic I snapped on fathers day. I can't believe I totally forgot to get a pic of Chris and Milo on his first fathers day.
Milo can now stand for quite a while holding onto something. He can't pull himself up yet but if I prop him up he loves to just stand there and balance. It's a new favorite pass time.

Today was the first day Milo made it onto all fours from a sitting position. He doesn't go anywhere but he will rock for a bit before falling forward and doing "swimmies". But hey, making onto all fours is progress. He used to only be able to get one leg under him and have the other straight out to the side. In one way I can't wait for him to get mobile because he's frustrated with not being able to get the things he wants but in another way I'm in no hurry for it to happen. I kind of like knowing he'll be in pretty much the same place I left him.

I just happened to have the camera with me the first time he did it!

and he stretched back out again quickly.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

321 Penguins

I am loving the fact that Milo can entertain himself for a little while now. It lets me get other things done easier. I will turn one his favorite show, 321 penguins (this kids is obsessed with penguins), scatter a few toys out and let him play while the show is on. You might ask yourself "how does she know that her 9 month old has a favorite show?" well, it's the only one that holds his attentions for very long. We have tried a couple of other shows but he doesn't really show interest in any except this one. It's got great messages too and I love the fact that I can turn it on and just let him watch without having to worry about what's in it. We record it so he can watch it when mommy needs to do dished or fold laundry. I am starting to like it too. It's actually pretty funny in a Veggie Tales kind of way. It's so funny the stuff you get into when you have kids.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big Boy Car Seat!

We got Milo's big boy car seat today. He's getting so big he's almost ready to transition out of his infant carrier. As with any change that comes along, as my baby grows up, it was a bitter sweet moment. I love that he is so interactive and showing his own little personality but at the same time I miss all the tininess of the newborn days. Every change seems to hammer home the point that Milo's infancy won't last forever so I have to soak up all the cuddles and rocking now before he's too big and mom isn't cool anymore.

After doing tons of research, reading many reviews, asking other people who had bought the car seat what they thought then laboring over the decision for months, We decided to go with the Britax Boulevard. Of all the convertible car seats on the market Britax is rated the safest and of all the Britax car seat models the Boulevard is rated the highest of those. It's that largest of two in the Britax family that features True Side Impact Protection so it can grow with him until he needs a booster seat. The True Side Impact Protection was the thing that sold me and I couldn't find any other car seat that had that. True, all car seats must meet certain standards to be sold in the US but I felt, after all of my research Britax really went above and beyond the standards. I wish there had been more selection of fabrics to choose from though so we went with the most basic, Onxy. I really loved the Cowmooflauge pattern that comes on the Britax Marathon but I decided that the extra safety measures out weighted my desire to have a cool fabric. After all, as Chris says, it's a car seat not a fashion statement. All in all I am completely satisfied with my purchase and if I had it to do over again I would make the same decision.

Milo had a good time flirting with all the girls at the store where we bought it and they had a equally good time passing him around. He let everybody hold him and didn't fuss once. Everybody was impressed with what a cute and easy going baby he is, and as his Mamma, I definitely agree with them! One interesting thing I learned while talking with the sales lady who was installing the seat in my car to see if it would fit was that, in Texas at any rate, it's illegal to NOT have the car seat manual with the car seat at all times and apparently the police do check for this. Who knew?

He looks so tiny in such a big car seat. It seems like only yesterday that his infant carrier swallowed him.

He gave a good going over after we got it unpacked at home.

After he got done playing with it he left his paci on it which I took to be the Milo stamp of approval.