Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Family Reunion

We went to the first ever (that I know of)Family reunion for Chris' side of the family this weekend and I thought I would share a few photos of my Family's cast of characters:


The newest member of our cast, Brooke

Dan in natural repose

Ethan and the Carrot he was so proud of

The consteration of Paul

Sheralyn and Brooke

Tristen and Brooke

The unwillingly photographed Vanessa

Pepa and his cookie (chocolate chip I believe)

Memaw and a very large sandwich

*cast members not Photographed: Abby, Chris, and as yet unnamed baby boy.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Completely Disgusted with Hobby Lobby!

So, Chris finally said that he liked the blue and brown fabrics best so we had decided to go with those for the baby’s room. To make a long story short they didn’t have the main blue fabric that all of the other design was based around, but I was told that they could get it again later in the week, but when I went to ask about it after not being called when it should come in I found out that the warehouse was out of it and they couldn’t tell me when or if it would come in. I was completely disgusted because I was told that I could defiantly get it and now that were saying something different so I found some other blue and brown pre-made bedding and that is what we will finally be going with.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chris is a CCNA!!!

My wonderful, brilliant hubby passed the CCNA exam this weekend!! The CCNA is a networking certification exam and you can take it in two parts or all at one time. He chose to take it in two parts because networking isn't his field and he figured that this would give him more time to study for the different parts of the test. He only missed ONE question on the whole exam!! He is now the only person at his work to be a CCNA, not even the guys who work in networking have theirs! (Though several have tried and failed the exam) He will be going for the CISSP security certification late this summer. Considering the Security is his actual field I have absolute confidence that he will do brilliantly!

Hello belly, Goodbye feet!

We have been taking pics every month to be able to see my progress so that when a lady at the store finds out that I am pregnant and says "I never would have guessed", and I can't tell if she was kidding or not and start to get upset that maybe I look fat rather than pregnant, Chris can pull out the pics and show me that, yes, I really do look pregnant.

Watch me grow

6 weeks

10 weeks


18 weeks


Friday, May 18, 2007

Baby name poll

I have created a name poll to get everybody's feedback, if you want to vote just follow the link below:

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My First Mother's Day

I got to have my first mother’s day today!!! Last year I was bummed out because I had wanted to be able to celebrate mother’s day but had no baby so couldn't. I am overwhelmed to finally be able to say yes, I am a mother! (I know he is still in the uterus but he counts!) I feel blessed and scared at the same time to be entrusted with another human being’s life. I wonder if I can do it and then I think “you have to he’ll be here in 4 ½ months.” I am already worried about him growing up and leaving home, it makes me sad to think about it, but that’s the whole point isn’t it? You have them so that they CAN grow up and hopefully become happy and productive adults that don’t hang on Mommas apron strings their whole lives. While I do know that is the point it doesn’t makes the thought easier. I guess all you can do is enjoy and be grateful for what you have right in front of you and not lament the rest.

Chris got me the diaper bag that I had been lusting after and I just love it. It matches our stroller!

I hope all the other mothers and mothers-to-be out there had a wonderful and restful mother’s day.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nursery Delimma

Okay so I know that I said we were doing Sock Monkeys in the nursery but when I got the sock monkey fabric samples in I was a little disappointed in the quality of the fabric so I went on a fabric shopping excursion to see if I couldn’t find some coordinating fabrics that would up the quality level a bit and introduce some new textures to the room. I found a red mircosuede which is quite nice but in the process of looking I also found some blue and brown fabrics that are just awesome! Both sets of fabrics would be easy to care for and both would make great, but very different, rooms. So here is my dilemma; which fabric palette to go with:

The blue and brown fabrics are very modern and rich looking. I like the idea of doing a modern nursery seeing as how everything else in my house is modern. In person the fabrics are absolutely gorgeous. Also blue and brown is a very stylish combo right now so finding accessories would be easy. The down side is that it’s not really “baby” looking.

The Sock Monkey idea is really cute and child like. I like the idea of the Sock monkeys as a throw back to vintage nurseries and it would also be fun to do something that is quite child like because I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do that for very long because kids grow up so fast. The down sides are that the fabrics are “just okay” in person and red, brown, and ivory would be a hard color palette to find accessories for. I’m also having a hard time finding a “vintage looking” crib that I like.

If you would leave your comments and tell me what you think I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Stuff!! (finally)

We got our Stroller and Infant Car Seat today, and they are just beautiful! I am so excited because I finally feel like we on our way. I am 20 weeks pregnant and we hadn't done anything to prepare for our son eminent arrival and I was a little bit freaked out, but I feel calmer now that at least something is finally here. I also got the sock monkey fabric samples in today. They are so cute! I am going to go out and see what kind of coordinating materials I can find so we can get started on the room!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It's a Boy!!

We had our 20 week Sonogram on Thurs. and we found out that IT'S A BOY!! They usually don't do 3D images at this stage in the game so that is why there is not a lot of definition in the 3D pic. He wouldn't move his hand away from his face either so they had a hard time getting a good pic of his face. I guess he was just comfortable and not going to move!

After getting over my disappointment in it's not being a girl I am starting to get excited about having a boy. I must admit that it helped a lot to have finally come up with an interesting theme for the room. We are doing Sock Monkey's!! I found this great Sock Monkey fabric online and my mother-in-law is going to help me make bedding and stuff! YAY!

New to Blogging

Well this is my first post on my first blog. Well see where this takes us.