Friday, November 21, 2008

First Week of Therapy

Milo completed his first sessions of speech and feeding therapies this week. I didn't get to go with him to the speech therapy session because I was out of town but Chris went with him and said he did fine. They threw a lot of signs at him which I didn't really expect I thought they would do one at a time. Some of them, like fish, are kind of complicated and I don't know how a 13 month old is supposed to have the manual dexterity to do them. I guess it's okay if he doesn't get it though since they are just a means to and end any way. He has started saying "Hi" very clearly this week. It's his new fav word now and he will just walk around the house greeting all of his toys. It's so cute to watch. He also has started to howl like the dog. He got it from us though. We do it to get Bailey to howl and he picked it up from that. He has a coat that looks like a dalmatian and tonight he was wearing it while he was in his car seat howling. Chris and I thought that was pretty funny.

Feeding therapy went great the first day and ok the second. They worked on peaches the first day and apples the second. He progressed to self feeding the peaches but didn't quite make it that far with the apples. He would eat applesauce kept spitting out the diced apples. He was on the verge of a tantrum when they called it quits. In his defense though he hadn't had a nap that morning so he was REALLY tired. They are going to continue apples again next week and start on milk.

Before the Boo Boo

I am finally getting Milo's 13 month pics up even though he's about to turn 14 months. Such is motherhood I guess. As you will see he was having a great time before the boo boo that I posted about a few posts ago.

These are a few of my favs but you can see the whole set HERE.

I think this is my current favorite image of Milo. It just screams "little boy" to me (and I love the mohawk of course)
Off to explore the world with his poor dog dragged behind him.
This is a truck that my dad made and my brothers and I played with it when we were little.
Such a sweet smile. He just melts my heart.
He was so happy just dragging that toy around.
Snapped just as he was getting up to take off again. I swear that kid never slows down.
A Boy and his dog
He leaned down to look between his legs, I guess because he though the world looked cool that way, and I started snapping furiously to get the moment. He ended up staying like that for about a minute so I have like 50 of this same pic. LOL!
Oh, how I love him!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Lens

I got a new lens the other day and spent the whole evening testing it out on Milo and Bailey. It will take a little getting used to but so far I love it!

Here are a few of the snap shots:
Carrying around Mama's keys
He grabbed his grilled cheese crust and started walking around. He had a lot of fun with that!
Stuffing it in.
You can't read it but his shirt says "Teething Bites" and he is chewing on his teething toy. LOL!
Milo trying to break in to the kitchen and Bailey checking him out.
He has discovered splashing in the bath. I think he does it just to see me squeal and jump back to keep from getting soaked.
He put one of his big balls in the tub before he got in and had a great time throwing it around. He would throw it out to me and laugh and squeal for me to throw it back.

Playing with his dog after the bath.
Bailey checking out the goings on


Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Baby is a Freaking Genius!

We took Milo on a walk this evening and left the stroller out in the living room. He decided it was great fun to grab onto the basket on the back and push it around the living room. Our living room isn't very big so he could only push it a little way before he would run into the gate blocking off the kitchen or (going the other way) into the front door. After two times of running into the gate he figured out that he needed to stop before he hit it and back up the stroller and turn it around and go the other way until he came to the tile right in front of the front door then he would back it up and repeat the whole process. I was so proud of him that he got it so quickly! What made it more impressive to me was the the stroller was so big he couldn't see around it. He was using clues in the surroundings to tell him when he got to the point that he needed to stop and turn the thing around. He pushed that darn stroller back and forth like that for 30 MINUTES!!! He would also stop and pick up things put then in the basket, go a little way, and take them out again. Talk about a great way to keep him entertained!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Boo Boo

My poor baby had such a hard day yesterday. :(

I took Milo to the Arboretum yesterday to get 13 month pics with him. He did great and had fun playing for the camera until a big boo boo happened. He was leaning down to get his toy when he lost his balance and fell face forward and whacked his head on the gravel path. I happened to be photographing in burst mode when he fell so I got it all on film. It happened so quickly that even though I was in burst mode I didn't even get the fall, just him leaning over to get his toy and then WHAM! I was too far away to have done anything about it but I still felt so bad that I hadn't caught him (I cropped the pics so they look like I was closer than I actually was). He had dirt all in his mouth and up his nose. I took him to the Dr. after to get the second of his flu shots and while we were there asked the nurse if she could clean the dirt out of his nose. He got so upset about that that he didn't even notice when she gave him the shot.
"oh, let me get my toy"
...hhhhhh!!! THAT HURT!"
I immediately stop shooting and went and picked him up. We just sat there on the path cuddling until he calmed down. He was fine until I sat him in the stroller and picked up the camera to get a photo of the damage. Then he started wailing again. Apparently he doesn't like me photographing his war wounds.
Rocking the bandage on his head.
For the rest of the day people asked me what happened to him.


Baby Z

I got to photograph a precious 2 month old little girl the other day! She was so sweet and fun to work with. She had just discovered her hands so she kept them in her mouth almost the whole time. LOL!
Here are a few of my favs from the shoot. You can see the whole set HERE.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Festivale

We had so much fun working the cake walk at our church's fall festival! There were so many baked goods that we eventually just started give everyone who came up to our booth baked goods whether they won or not. The kids LOVED that!
Here are a few pics of the evening:
A local photographer was there and these are a couple she took.

The family
"Dada what is that strange thing on your head?"
Mommy's little penguin.
Milo being entertained by Amanda and M.
Amanda , Little M., Little A. and Brooke
He had fun looking around at all the happenings
Such a stinkin' sweetheart
We tried to get him to do the cake walk...
...but it was a no go.
I ended up carrying him around it and that went much better.
Me, Milo and the cousins