Saturday, October 31, 2009


Milo was a cowboy for Halloween this year. He choose his own costume. He was going to be a dragon because a friend of mine had very cute costume the her son wore last year when he was two and she was going to let me borrow it but Milo refused point blank to wear it. Before I had Milo I didn't even know a two year old could do that! I tried twice to put it on him, the first time was in the middle of Word World (his favorite show) so I thought maybe that was the reason he flipped out. But the 2nd time he nearly ripped the head off trying to pull it off of himself. I tried to calm him down but he would not be calmed so I backed off and thought I'll let him work it out. That was when he started to try and climb the front of the changer so I would take it off of him. That was the point I decided, as cute as the costume was and as grateful as I was that my friend would lend it to Milo, he was not going to be a dragon for Halloween.

That same day we were at the same friends house playing and her son also has a play cowboys hat that Milo loves to play with so it planted the idea in my head that if the dragon thing did work out that Milo could be a cowboy because that "costume" is really clothes so it wouldn't feel any different to him and he wouldn't freak out. Plus he LOVES cowboy stuff. So we had overalls, we got him a western shirt and boots and borrowed a toddler sized cowboy hat from another sweet friend and VOILA instant cowboy!

Here's a little trip down memory lane. Milo was a penguin last year right after he turned 1! He had just learned to walk and he looked so cute waddling around in the big puffy belly and the penguin tail flapping behind him!

And he was a puppy dog for his very first Halloween right after he was born! it was so hard find a costume for him it ended up being huge on him and it was so snuggly warm he fell asleep in it as soon as we put it on him!

Milo sings the ABC's

I have really been working with Milo on his letters for months now. Up until now he's not really shown much interest but lately he has really gotten into the ABC song and pointing out letters. He likes to point out the letters on my shirts and guess what they are. Sometimes he gets it right but most of he mixes them up. But that's ok after all he did just turn two! I've really been work on M-I-L-O with his bath tub letters. He's a lot of fun with that! He loves the letter O, it's his favorite letter and the one he can identify the most easily. He loves to point it out whenever he sees it. There are some block letters high on a shelf in his room that spell Love and he saw them the other day, pointed to them and said "O!" He also likes to point to the Milo letters on his wall and repeat what I always tell him when we see his name "M-I-L-O, Milo!" But he can't really say M or I so they come but in toddler gibberish. One day I'll get it on video, it's so cute!

Milo's favorite song recently is the ABC song. He loves to go around singing it to himself and then be praised for doing such a great job. :) He doesn't sing it quite right yet though and if we start to sing it to him he'll tell us to stop in no uncertain terms. He wants to do it all by himself. This is a video of Milo starting to sing the ABC's until he figured out that I was taping him and then he wanted no more to do with it. He is becoming shy these days.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Milo love

Milo can be very loving when he wants to be and it never fails to melt my heart when he is. As he gets more and more independent I usually have to wait for him to come to me to cuddle now. He is always on the move in his busy two year boy way so when he wants to stop and get a hug I always have time for that! I was checking my email on Chris' lap top last night and Milo was greatly annoyed that my lap wasn't available for him to just drop by and get into when ever he felt like it. At one point he came over and I tried to just give him a side hug, he wasn't having it, he kept pushing at the laptop saying "lap, lap!" When I closed it and put it away for the night he actually cheered! If we ever had a 2nd kid I just don't think he could handle it.
This morning after I got him up and we were walking into the kitchen to get breakfast when he just turn around and leaned into me and wanted a hug. As he was leaning in he looked up at me with those big round eyes and said "I lub you Mama." I melted and said "I love you too baby!" As a girl you have never heard I love you from a boy until your son says it to you.