Tuesday, March 23, 2010

11 Weeks In

I thought the morning sickness thing was finally going away permanently but unfortunately it made a return visit this week. Sucky! That ok there's only 1 1/2 more weeks in the 1st trimester and then hopefully I'll be moving past it for good.

I met with my OB's nurse at 10 weeks and I was informed that I would not be allowed to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). My OB doesn't allow anyone to do one. I am a little sad but I knew that it was a long shot for me anyway. My fervent hope with this one is to go as long as I did with Milo (almost 41 weeks). I was told my high risk OB would be the one to decided how long I go. I will have to discuss it with him at my first appt.

I finally got Baby Bean's 1st picture uploaded after some technical difficulties. I was 8 weeks when they did this sono. Milo's 8 week sono pic was better. I could actually see little arms and legs and eye sockets but this one just looks like a blur.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Earth: A Mystery to Ponder

Milo is really curious about space right now. I took him to see the astronaut space suit at the local science museum and he was completely enthralled. He talked about it for weeks. Since then we found a book about space that we had hidden in a drawer and he has started asking questions about it all the time. The other day we were in the car and he asked me "where earth?"

I thought about it for a second and said "Earth is under your feet."

He then picked up his foot and looked under his shoe and said "where it go?"

Chris and I laughed a lot about that one!!!


I am finally starting to feel enough to work out again! I hopped on the treadmill this morning. I am determined to work out as long as I can through out this pregnancy. I am sure that will help a lot with some of the discomforts that go along with being pregnant. I have two more weeks of my first trimester. My morning sickness with Milo lasted until about 14 or 15 weeks and started a week later then with this pregnancy. It seems to be tapering off thought and I am soooooo happy. I hate being nauseated all day!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pregancy so far

Found out 1-24-10. I was about 3 weeks along. Both Chris and I were very calm about the news. With Milo I was in total shock for a few days but with this one I haven't felt that way at all. My anxiety about this baby is really more about how it will effect Milo and how I will deal with two especially being sleep deprived. I think the decision to have a 2nd is harder than the decision to have the first because you actually know what you are getting into this time around.

week 4 - told a lot of my friends here and Chris' parents. We got a shirt for Milo that says "Big Brother Milo" and I put it on him and let most people find out that way.

Week 5 - haven't had a lot of cravings or food aversions and I haven't gotten sick yet. YAY! I just hope that lasts! We told my parents on 2-5-10. Milo wore his shirt and he is very proud of it. I am not sure he really understands why people are so interested in the shirt but he is loving the attention :)

Chris taught Milo to talk to the baby (i.e. my belly) he will lift up my shirt and says "Hi baby, Hi baby, I love you baby" then he will pull down mt shirt and say "close it." LOL! I have not idea where he comes up with this stuff.

Scratch that I started having morning sickness in my 5th week. It totally sucks having morning sickness with a toddler to take care of. :(

Weeks 6-9 Morning sickness comes and goes. It sucks more this time around since I have a toddler.

Lately when we ask Milo where the baby is he will point to his belly and say it's in there. He will even lift up his own shirt and say hi to the baby. My friends little girl also did this and after she started showing then her daughter started saying the baby was in my friends tummy again. Maybe that will be the way it is.

"Snow all Gone!"

It's snowed an unusual amount this winter for where we live. Typically we only get one snow and it doesn't stick around long. But this year it has snowed several times and stuck around for a while on a couple of occasions. Milo has been fascinated by the snow. Now that it seems to be warming up and all of the snow has melted off he keeps going outside looking around and saying "snow all gone" very matter-of-factly. He will repeat that phrase over and over as if trying to convince himself that the snow truly is all gone! Every once and a while it will just come out of the blue we will be doing something that has nothing to do with snow and he will just blurt it out. I guess he just needs to remind himself.
Milo playing in the last big snow


Milo has been doing Gymnastics this spring and loving it! He gets so excited on thurs. when it's time to go to "nastics". I'm not sure if it will be something we stick with for a while but for now he is loving it.
Milo is the one in light blue pants. I shot this video with my phone so I couldn't zoom in

Daddy helping Milo do a flip over the bar.