Tuesday, September 18, 2007

39 week appt. and...

...NOTHING!!!! That's right, I am STILL 1cm and thick! I am so frustrated I could cry. What makes it worse is everywhere I go everybody starts in about how nobody goes to 40 weeks anymore, like I am soooo unusual. Apparently no one has every seen a 39 week pregnant woman before even at the Dr.s offices. After a while it starts to play with your mind. I am not officially due until Sat. but with everybody saying things like that it makes me feel as if I should have already delivered. UHGG! The doc says not to get discouraged though this is, after all, my first baby so it may take a little while and I could still go into labor before Sat. I certainly hope that I do!


Nikki Bettis said...

Hey... with #6 and #7 I went to 41 wks so have no will come when baby is ready!!! It's not due to being your's just due to baking a baby to begin with! You're doing great though! Avoiding Pitocin and any induction makes for a much faster and easier delivery!!! Believe me....spoken from much experience on both sides of it! LOL!

I got your email too about the diaper bag. Things have been so crazy with starting school back up that computer time is few and far between now and I'm not real great yet at working in time to respond to emails. I'm getting better though! It's such a cute bag but I don't do cloth bags anymore. We stick with vinyl that can be easily wiped down since cloth gets way too dirty waaaay too fast. Thanks though! You can donate it to a pregnancy crisis center or sell it at a children's resale store like Kid to Kid and get something you need or get a store credit for after he gets here. Just a few ideas.

Looking forward to some pics of baby here in the next few weeks!!!!

Shannah said...

You know what?

I PROMISE he'll come!

Not much help, I know, but... :-) Our eagerness will be rewarded!

The Q. Family said...

He will be here any day now sweetie!! And who cares what other people think.... everyone always seems to have an opinion on pregnancy stuff, huh? I hate that!! I just hope you aren't too uncomfortable. Hang in there!