Monday, July 14, 2008

Mommy's Little Shadow

Now that Milo has figured out he can get to where I am he has taken to following me around the house. If I go to the bathroom, he's there. If I go to the kitchen, he's there. If I am folding laundry, he's there. Whatever it is that I am doing he wants to observe and I think it's completely adorable. He doesn't necessarily need me to be playing with him all the time but he definitely likes having me close by. If I am sitting on the couch he will come over and sit on the floor next to me and play. If we are in the computer room he will whine if I am in the chair and not on the floor with him. He will be over playing happily by himself and I will try to sneak up into the chair but as soon as he sees me he starts whining again. If I don't' immediately acquiesce to his request that I be on the floor then the whining turns into wailing. Even though it can get trying when he whines it melts my heart to see him come around the corner to join me in the laundry room or when I look back and he's trying his best to catch up with me down the hall. I love that little guy with ever fiber of my being.

Coming around the corner to meet Mamma



Shannah said...

Look how happy he is to see you!

jaxmom said...

How sweet! I remember wondering the same thing (why did I want him mobile?) when my son started crawling, and then praying for regression when he started walking!! Enjoy these times because before you know it he'll be RUNNING around the house as fast as he can so you can't catch him ;)