Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Practice Egg Hunt

Since Milo is old enough to hunt eggs for Easter this year but hasn't done it before I thought that it would be fun for him to practice "hunting" (picking up) eggs we "hid" (laid in plain sight) on the living room floor.

He is in a phase of liking to put objects in other objects so picking up Easter eggs and putting them in a baskets is a ton of fun!
What's even better is trying to put those eggs into each other!
He is also loving hats right now and what makes a better hat than one's Easter basket.
He carried his basket around and picked up the eggs I dropped around,
which was fun for a little while,
until his short, 18 month old, attention span ran out.
Then it was time to do other things like play with his light saber,
Or point at things outside the window!


Shannah said...

Those are very cute pjs.

Liking hats right now? Hmmm...

Elaine said...