Saturday, October 31, 2009

Milo sings the ABC's

I have really been working with Milo on his letters for months now. Up until now he's not really shown much interest but lately he has really gotten into the ABC song and pointing out letters. He likes to point out the letters on my shirts and guess what they are. Sometimes he gets it right but most of he mixes them up. But that's ok after all he did just turn two! I've really been work on M-I-L-O with his bath tub letters. He's a lot of fun with that! He loves the letter O, it's his favorite letter and the one he can identify the most easily. He loves to point it out whenever he sees it. There are some block letters high on a shelf in his room that spell Love and he saw them the other day, pointed to them and said "O!" He also likes to point to the Milo letters on his wall and repeat what I always tell him when we see his name "M-I-L-O, Milo!" But he can't really say M or I so they come but in toddler gibberish. One day I'll get it on video, it's so cute!

Milo's favorite song recently is the ABC song. He loves to go around singing it to himself and then be praised for doing such a great job. :) He doesn't sing it quite right yet though and if we start to sing it to him he'll tell us to stop in no uncertain terms. He wants to do it all by himself. This is a video of Milo starting to sing the ABC's until he figured out that I was taping him and then he wanted no more to do with it. He is becoming shy these days.

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