Saturday, November 7, 2009

Family Pics

A sweet friend of mine and a talented photographer and I recently swapped taking pics of each others families. We both realized that it was really hard to get pics of your own toddler, for some reason they just won't look at mom taking their pic any more and of course you can't get pics of your own family so we decided a trade was in order! She did a great job and I am so thrilled to have pics of the three of us. We haven't had one taken since Milo was 10 days old so it was time.
Our family
I love this one even though you can't see our heads... or maybe because you can't see our heads! :) I just thought it was really cool!
This one looks like a watercolor to me. I just love it and I love his expression, it's so Milo.
Since I turned 30 this year we took a few of just me this is one of my favorites.
We went to a little local ice cream shop after we got done down town. Milo had a blast there.
LOL! I love his expression in this one. Priceless!
Soooooo Pretty!!!
Love this expression, this really captures the stage he is in.

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