Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blogging, School, Favorite Phrase and Big Boy Bed

I started this year thinking "I am going to do way better blogging Milo's days this year becuase this blog is the only real record I have of his infancy and toddlerhood!" but nearly two months in and I am failing on that score. He does so much stuff I want to record I just forget it by the time I can get to the computer. My brain seems to be on permanent vacation these days.

Somethings that have been going on are that we decided to put Milo in PDO next fall. He and I went to visit the school this week and I loved it! When we walked in there were backpacks lines up in the hall and it was lunch time so the class room smell like mayonnaise and chips. It made me miss my school days. If Milo loves school half as much as I did he is going to have a blast!

Milo's cognitive development is going through the roof these days. It's so neat to see him making connections he has never made before. He can count to 10 and recognizes the letters B O X and L. Why he latched on to those and not others, I don't know. His imagination is really amazing too. We were at a friends house about a week ago and he was playing with two play sauce pan lids. He turned to me and said "I see a monster!" I said "You see a monster?" He put the sauce pan lids up to his eyes like goggles and said "Yes! I see a monster in the backyard!"

His favorite phrase these days is "What you doin'?" He will ask it over and over and over again even though we just told him what we are doing. I know the repetition is how he learns but it gets wearying.

We are also contemplating moving him out of his crib into a big boy bed but I am having a hard time with that decision. Milo LOVES his crib and he has never tried to climb out. I value a good sleep for him and I have heard so many stories about toddlers who slept really well in their cribs but didn't after they were moved to big kid beds. Because of that it's been really hard to pull the trigger on moving him. He is just so happy where he is at.

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