Friday, April 11, 2008

Peaches Are A No Go


Milo got his first fruit today. I chose peaches becuase I craved they all during my pregnancy and ate my weight in the little Dole peach cups. So I figured he might be accustomed to the taste becuase they say that the amniotic fluid takes on the taste of the things you eat while your pregnant. I am not sure if my logic was flawed or they just don't know what they are talking about becuase Milo does not like peaches. After the first bite he would make the most horrible face and than refuse to open his mouth any time I got near him with the spoon. When I did trick him into a few more bites and he would refuse to swallow and just choke on it until he had to swallow. At every attempt to force a bite on him he just kept giving me this look of utter disgust and went "BAH, BAH, BAH..." which I assume roughly translated means, "How could you put that awful stuff in my mouth. Are you trying to poison me!?!" No amount of "airplane" or begging him to open his mouth was going to get those peaches in. I guess we'll hold off on the peaches for now.

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The Q. Family said...

That is too cute Abby!! I was wondering... when did you first try rice cereal with Milo? We're thinking about starting next weekend (he'll be a little over 4mo1wk old... what do you think?