Monday, April 7, 2008

Visit from the Cousins

Milo's cousins came to visit this weekend. It was fun to see them all and yestarday we went to the park to play! There were 2 birthday parties going on so there were 50 million kids there and the sunlight was so harsh that it made getting pics hard. They were either over or under exposed and filled with strangers kids. Considering how difficult it was I'm so pleased with the way a few of them turned out.

Tristen coming up a tube of tires. This shot looks great larger, click on it and see

Pretty Ashley. This one is another that looks great larger

Ethan, who didn't want to have his picture taken

Tristen again


Tristen climbing up the rope

She loved to pose for the camera

Such a ham

Ashley on the rock wall

Tristen on the rock wall

Quick pose before she went down the slide

What do you do the with 3 year old that doesn't want to have his pic taken?

Baby Boy got to swing in the swing! It was to big for him but we made do and pushed him gently.

He had a blast! He would giggle and giggle every we swung him and it tickled his tummy.


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