Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Milo had his first music lesson on Monday! It was not quite what I expected. I thought he would get to play instruments more but mainly we sat in a circle and sang. He did get to bang some sticks together for one song and he loved that but that was it. Basically it was a very inactive kind of a lesson and Milo is a very active boy. We did get up and have a couple of participatory type songs but He had a hard time with the fact that he mainly had to stay in my lap for 45 minuets. He has never in his nearly 2 years been in a structured environment so it threw him for a loop. It's not that he hasn't had rules he has had to follow, he most definitely has, but being in a class room is different. It will be good for him though and I am sure he will get better. But for his first class he was the only toddler who, the whole time, kept trying to run across the room and when I would have to drag him back and tell him he had to sit in momma's lap would throw himself on the floor and scream "NO WAY!" *sigh*. I can't wait until he is old enough to be in a class that will help burn off some of this energy!

I didn't get to take any pics I was too busy chasing my child down!

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The Q. Family said...

Abby- that's how Collin was in our music class this summer. It's totally normal for their age! I always just let Collin roam and guided him away from things if he got too close to something he wasn't supposed to. I also gave him his sippy furing class.