Monday, September 21, 2009

No Peeing in the Potty

Since the big peeing in the potty post Milo has yet to do it again. He has figured out that he will get a treat for just sitting on the potty though and has started working he system to get a Skittle. He will run around the house, pulling up his shirt and grabbing his diaper, saying "tee tee potty! tee tee potty!" so I will strip him down and plop him on the potty and he will immediately pop up all smiling and say "treat!" So will say something like "no you need to sit down and tee tee in the potty." And when it's clear that he isn't going to do it let him get up and give him a Skittle for and least sitting down that long, get him dressed and let him go play again. I don't think Skittles are even that much of an incentive anymore because he'll just carry his Skittle around with him and not eat it until I tell he has to or I'll take it away. *sigh* That is the only time he ever gets candy like that when he is at home. I have no idea what would be more of a treat than that!

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The Q. Family said...

Collin hasn't peed/pooped in the potty since a few months ago either. I suppose they just aren't ready yet. Maybe in 6 months?? :) :)