Monday, August 23, 2010

1st Day of PDO

Milo went to his first day of PDO today!!! He was very excited to go to school. Dropping him off went great, neither of us cried. He looked so adorable carrying his back pack and lunch box in! The only blip in the morning was that I was running late so we arrived a few minutes late. But I got pics anyway! He looked so adorable carrying in his back pack and lunch box!

So happy to be headed to school!

Trying to wave bye to Mama and Daddy. We walked him in anyway :)

Marching in the front door.

He was stopped for a photo op!

His cubby

He wasted no time getting to the business of playing!


marythemind said...

What a cute son you have! This is Wendy's Mom, Mary. When is baby brother due? Hope you are feeling fine. Milo is getting so tall!

Elaine said...

Great pictures! He is adorable!