Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I finally got brave enough to get Milo some playdough. His teacher said he was not wanting to color in class to I should work with him at home and try to get him to color. He does color at home but not that much it's just not something he's really interested in. So we made the trek to Hobby Lobby and got some washable markers and a tray to color on. While on the color isle I saw some playdough and thought that might get him interested in crafts more than markers. So far he really likes it! I'm a little leery though. I can foresee regretting this decision when the playdough is ground into my carpet. Even if I regret it it was a pretty good photo op. :)


The Q. Family said...

Love to see pictures of Milo again! He has grown up so much! Collin is really not into coloring or drawing either... it's much more a "girl" thing I think. Collin would rather be doing something more physical. And I can't believe you have never given that boy play-doh! I'm so glad he liked it! We sometimes do homemade playdough (oatmeal, flour and water... there are a ton of other recipes too). This is such a fun age!! :) :)

Elaine said...

Cute pictures. I am not crazy about playdough either, but love the homemade kind. You can color it any color you want. Store it in a plastic bag until ready to use again.