Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Little Scare & 30 Week Belly Changes

On Monday I was monitored at labor and delivery because I had a higher than normal blood pressure and heart rate. Be assured I am not in pre term labor and the baby is fine but given my past cardiac history my OB thought it was a good idea to have it checked out. So I left the hospital on Monday after being monitored for a couple of hours and had a fine blood pressure but still had an elevated heart rate. Then yesterday at my sonogram appointment my BP was high again so they asked me to chart it over the next week and watch to see what it would do. So this morning I was still having an elevated heart rate and when I took my BP it was high enough to warrant a call. The Dr. was concerned enough that he thought I should be given steroid shots to help the babies lungs mature faster just in case they have to take him early. After they told me that I had a very hard time keeping it together. This is not at all how I saw my pregnancy going. I always thought that I would carry my baby to term, go into labor spontaneously, and after a short non-medicated labor I would push my son into the world. I am hopeful that this can still happen but it’s looking less and less likely. My hip hurts a lot from the steroid shot, they’re no fun at all and I have to have another one tomorrow (whimper).

On a lighter note; Wow, My bump is getting quite large now! I guess that happens when you are carrying an elephant child! Chris took my 30 weeks bump pictures last night and when I looked at the one of my whole body the belly was so big it made it look like I had chicken legs for the first time in my life!

Here is a slide show of the progress so far!

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The Q. Family said...

I am so sorry you are having the stress of steroid shots and high blood pressure, and just the unknown. I know it must be difficult for you! I hope you get good news fast! And I must say I LOVE your beautiful "Abby and Baby" graphic art at the top of the page. Did you do that?