Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nursery Frustration, More Bedding Debacles

Getting baby bedding has been a nightmare. After finally deciding on bedding that I didn’t have to have made and was affordable, JcPenny won’t ship that darn bedding!! I have had three different ship dates and I still don’t know when I will get it. They just keep pushing it back. I knew when I ordered it in May that it was not going to be available until July 1st and that was fine because I didn’t care if I didn’t have my nursery finished until August. So I thought that I could get the bedding in at the beginning of July and get the correct paint colors off of it and have it all done by the beginning of August…but nooooo! Instead it won’t even ship until nearly the end of July so I can’t do anything on the room until it gets here. I know that you don’t need to have the baby’s room done when he gets here but I really didn’t want to have to work on it with a newborn. And I wanted to work on it at a leisurely pace because I get tired more easily these days. Why has it been so hard to get bedding in!?! I am so frustrated I want to cry. I feel like we are so not prepared and it will be a tiring rush to get everything ready right at the end I so did not plan for it to be that way. My plan was to have everything being able to be done at a slow pace so I could enjoy it and not be worn out. I hate it when my plans get derailed. I guess now that I am going to have a baby I should get used to it though. Hopefully I will get the bedding soon so that I can get the room done so I can post pictures.

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