Thursday, August 23, 2007

Car Accident & A Weird Dog

I was in a bit of a car accident today. I was turning left into a parking lot and didn't see that there was a car coming over the hill in front of me until it hit me as I was turning and I started spinning around. Needless to say there was a lot of crying and panic seeing as how I am 35 weeks pregnant. But I went to the ER and got all checked out and other than a few scrapes and bruises I'm just fine. They did a sonogram on the baby too and he looks just fine as well. When I first got to the ER I was strapped to a board as they were trying to find his heart beat with the Doppler and were having a bit of trouble. I started crying again and Chris assures me they did indeed find his heart beat but I never heard it. I didn't really stop panicking so much until I saw it beating strongly on the sonogram! Thank God for the all cushion we have around our babies!

This is the damage on the side I was hit on. It's not driveable and I am not sure how long it will take to get it fixed. What's hard to see in this pic is how the whole rear end is pushed out.

This is a close up of the bent-in tire and the damage to the door.

This is the muffler that was lying on the ground.

And this is the flat tire that was on the other side of the one that got hit.

On a lighter note... I have the funniest Dog in the world. Gracie decided that she was going to take a nap in the study with me while I was playing on the computer and I was able to get this pic of her in the weirdest sleeping position. I couldn't help but laugh at her but then again I laugh at her most of the time!

I don't know how this can be comfortable!


The Q. Family said...

oh my goodness Abby! How scary! I'm so glad you and baby are okay!

Shannah said...

Look at that Graciedog! I love her so much...

and you, too. The car looks terrible. I'm so glad you're safe.

Nessa said...

Oh Abby! So glad you and Milo are okay! I can't believe no one told us you were in a car accident.

Gracie is a goofball. You must be entertained 24/7 with her around.