Monday, August 20, 2007

The Glorious Walk

Now I know why pregnant women waddle. It's just a natural way to start walking other wise you might fall over :) Chris thinks it's cute and said he was a little disappointed that it isn't a bigger waddle. I think I waddle enough considering that I walk so slow I get out stripped by old ladies with walkers. Poor Chris, he has such long legs it really is hard for him to keep up with me.

On a different note, WOW! This kid can kick. He loves to "shark" in my belly and Chris and I love to watch him do it. We call it "sharking" when he will push out on my belly and we can see his arm or foot or whatever rise up and go back down. Shannah was over for dinner the other night and she got to see it for the first time ever. I think it freaked her out a little. :) When he presses his little foot out I love to tickle it. He will pull it back down and then push it back out again as if he is laughing and saying "Momma, do it again!" I can't wait to kiss his little feet and tickle them "for real".

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