Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Top Ten Signs You're Late in Pregnancy

10. When someone asks how you feel you say “Big”

9. You lay on your side wondering how long you can put up with the hip pain because rolling over required about 10 movements and you're out of breath

8. You tell your husband you had the best dream and when he asks what it was about you say “Cupcakes!”

7. Those sweet little movements you waited so long for now feel as if you’re about to reenact a scene from Alien.

6. You’re constantly thinking "What will I do if my water breaks here..."

5. Just looking at a glass of water is enough to make you have to pee

4. Suddenly cleaning out your pantry, closet and drawers are more important than world peace

3. You’re feeling very connected to the penguin community

2. You pray you don’t sneeze or cough in public

1. When you drop something you look down and try to decide if it’s something you REALLY need.

And a bonus…You’re craving thin crust pizza and when you get it you open the box and start crying because you forgot to tell them you wanted it to be thin crust.

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