Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Baby is a Freaking Genius!

We took Milo on a walk this evening and left the stroller out in the living room. He decided it was great fun to grab onto the basket on the back and push it around the living room. Our living room isn't very big so he could only push it a little way before he would run into the gate blocking off the kitchen or (going the other way) into the front door. After two times of running into the gate he figured out that he needed to stop before he hit it and back up the stroller and turn it around and go the other way until he came to the tile right in front of the front door then he would back it up and repeat the whole process. I was so proud of him that he got it so quickly! What made it more impressive to me was the the stroller was so big he couldn't see around it. He was using clues in the surroundings to tell him when he got to the point that he needed to stop and turn the thing around. He pushed that darn stroller back and forth like that for 30 MINUTES!!! He would also stop and pick up things put then in the basket, go a little way, and take them out again. Talk about a great way to keep him entertained!


Shannah said...

Wow! That is pretty smart!

Sometimes I still hit door frames when I walk through--he's way ahead of me.

Kathy said...

I am tagging you :)