Friday, November 21, 2008

First Week of Therapy

Milo completed his first sessions of speech and feeding therapies this week. I didn't get to go with him to the speech therapy session because I was out of town but Chris went with him and said he did fine. They threw a lot of signs at him which I didn't really expect I thought they would do one at a time. Some of them, like fish, are kind of complicated and I don't know how a 13 month old is supposed to have the manual dexterity to do them. I guess it's okay if he doesn't get it though since they are just a means to and end any way. He has started saying "Hi" very clearly this week. It's his new fav word now and he will just walk around the house greeting all of his toys. It's so cute to watch. He also has started to howl like the dog. He got it from us though. We do it to get Bailey to howl and he picked it up from that. He has a coat that looks like a dalmatian and tonight he was wearing it while he was in his car seat howling. Chris and I thought that was pretty funny.

Feeding therapy went great the first day and ok the second. They worked on peaches the first day and apples the second. He progressed to self feeding the peaches but didn't quite make it that far with the apples. He would eat applesauce kept spitting out the diced apples. He was on the verge of a tantrum when they called it quits. In his defense though he hadn't had a nap that morning so he was REALLY tired. They are going to continue apples again next week and start on milk.


The Q. Family said...

I've been meaning to ask you, how did you determine that Milo needed to go to food therapy? Also, what kind of schedule is he on now (1 nap a day/2 naps a day?) And does he ever take BM or whole milk in a sippy or do y'all still use bottles? If sippy, how and when did you transition? Just wondering what I have to look forward to. :-) How is his eye too?? Love your little booger!

melissa said...

Sounds like it will all work out in time.
If you have a question about the signing, let me know. Don't worry if he can not do the sign correctly. At this age adjust the sign to what he can do. Andrew signs more with one hand open (like 5) then his pointer on the other hand touches it. He will either learn to sign it right later or to say the word. Allow him to communicate in his own way.

Amanda said...

I'm glad it went well. We've missed you on the boards lately! Come check in!

Hope all is well!

Amanda said...

Oh and I can't wait to here how they get him to drink milk...take notes and let me know, please!!! I'm desperate for Leah to drink some milk!

Kathy said...

You have been busy! Im glad to hear Milo is saying "Hi" very cool!

I missed my two year old's "2" shirt window BUT I did manage to do Thanksgiving shirts--come on over to my blog and check it out.

Erin said...

Yeah I am curious to know to how do they decide on food therapy? My son Sean goes to PT, OT, SPT, Aquatic OT, and DT. (I am a friend of Amandas) I hope you don't mind me stopping by feel free to stop by mine as well