Friday, November 21, 2008

Before the Boo Boo

I am finally getting Milo's 13 month pics up even though he's about to turn 14 months. Such is motherhood I guess. As you will see he was having a great time before the boo boo that I posted about a few posts ago.

These are a few of my favs but you can see the whole set HERE.

I think this is my current favorite image of Milo. It just screams "little boy" to me (and I love the mohawk of course)
Off to explore the world with his poor dog dragged behind him.
This is a truck that my dad made and my brothers and I played with it when we were little.
Such a sweet smile. He just melts my heart.
He was so happy just dragging that toy around.
Snapped just as he was getting up to take off again. I swear that kid never slows down.
A Boy and his dog
He leaned down to look between his legs, I guess because he though the world looked cool that way, and I started snapping furiously to get the moment. He ended up staying like that for about a minute so I have like 50 of this same pic. LOL!
Oh, how I love him!


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Elaine said...

Love your pictures!!! He is soooooooooo cute and huggable!