Sunday, July 5, 2009

"I love you!"

I forgot to put it down on the blog the day it happened but I got my first real "I love you" from Milo on Thursday July 2nd! Be still my beating heart! ♥ Chris had brought Milo in to wake me up for the day. I was super tired that morning so it took me a while to wake up and get out of bed. I asked Chris to take Milo in the kitchen and get his breakfast started and I would be in there shortly but Milo wasn't having it. He wanted MAMA! He just wouldn't leave the room and kept coming over to the side of the bed and whining and tugging on me. I could see he wasn't going to go with daddy so I groggily got up and Milo got super excited and said those three magic words. "I love you!" That made my whole morning! Heck, that made my whole freaking year!


The Q. Family said...

That is precious!!!

Shannah said...

Wow!!! (But, of COURSE he loves you! Who wouldn't?)