Monday, July 6, 2009

Little Toot!

We went to eat lunch with daddy today and met some friends of ours while we were there. As soon as they sat down with us Milo, of course, started having a melt down. While he was throwing a fit I was doing what I could to calm him but at the same time trying to get on with eating my lunch so Chris could get back to work. I unwrapped my brownie and Milo immediately got interested in my food. Even though he hasn't eaten any of his own food I went ahead and gave him a bite of my brownie just to attain some peace. The little toot just giggles, shoves the brownie in his mouth and says "I won!" ...hmmmm... some days it feels like the terrible twos have struck early.

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Shannah said...

He won! LOL.

This reminds me of my brother at 3, who was throwing a fit in a restaurant and then was threatened with time out. He took one look around the restaurant, looked at my stepmother, and then said: "There no time out here."