Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Trip

We recently went to the northeast to see Chris graduate. Milo was originally going to go with us but we ended up deciding that is was better to let him stay here with his aunt, uncle and cousins rather than dragging him all over the east coast and never knowing when he'd get to nap or eat. Once we got there and saw how our days went it was VERY apparent that it was a good decision. He would have been so miserable. Due to unforeseen illness on my part Chris and I had to cut our vacation short but what we did get to do was enjoyable and I have made a full recovery!

Here are some pics for our vacation:

My in-laws and I met Chris in Vermont for the graduation becuase he left a week early for his residency week. On the way there we stop in St. Louis and got to see the Gateway Arch. You can see me teeny tiny down at the bottom.
There was a church in front of the Arch as we walked up to it that had been there way before it was ever constructed.
You can go up in the thing and the shuttle that takes you up there is sooooo tiny. It was NOT fun to ride up or back down in.
It was massively high to look up at.
I thought this was a cool picture. As we were crossing the street on the way back I looked up and saw the refection of the arch in one of the buildings across the street.
Finally! He did it!!!!!!!!

What better way to celebrate than touring the Ben and Jerry's factory. (all my idea of course)
I thought the cow trash cans were cute! :P
Chris and Me
My mother and father in-law

I've got the golden ticket!
On our way to our next destination we saw this pretty place. We don't have anything resembling mountains to lakes here so we were mightily impressed!

Our B&B that we stayed at in Maine
Isn't it cute!?!
Lenny: The worlds only Life size Chocolate Moose.
You're jealous you didn't see it aren't you?

Yes, there were larger chocolate bears too! But you had to refrain from touching them.
This little guy did not want to be photographed. I engaged in a rather undignified chase in the drizzling rain around the beach trying to get his picture.
Chris on the rocks
Looking down the Maine coast
That's the light house at Cape Elizabeth in the background. We were sad that it was so rainy the whole time we were there but it was still nice to get to see a real light house and we still manged to have a good time!

Chris wanted a silly pic so I obliged him.
Chris wandered down the rocks a ways and I wasn't feeling well so I sat down and rested and looked down and noticed a spider web that had collected some rain drops from all the drizzle in the air. I thought it was pretty and deserved to be photographed.
Chris came across a tide pool close to the end of the rocks and found a star fish out there. WE decided that needed a closer inspection so Chris needed to go starfishing.
He left his shoes in a place that we thought would be okay but, be unfimliare with the incoming tide, we were woafully wrong. Those shoes got SOAKED.
Wadding out into the sea

"Here starfishy fishy fishy..."
We could not stop laughing Chris kept getting hit by in coming waves and those darn starfish are harder to catch than you would think. They're faster little swimmers than we thought. WE had in our mind that kind of docil, lay there creators, but no, they'll get up and move when some giant human is trying to get a hold of them.
After getting throughly soaked Chris did finally manage to get him.
So pretty!
He gave us what I can what I can only assume is the starfish version of a very rude gesture.
After we got a good look we release him.

We went to Boston after we left Maine and got to see my cousin Sam which was so much fun and the highlight of my trip but I was feeling to bad by that point that my never pulled out my camera again. I am feeling MUCH better now and I am glad we went and got to see and do all that we did.

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Shannah said...

Wow what a trip!

Congrats to Chris!

You look GREAT...! Thin! I love your hair, too.

I am so jealous of Maine and Boston (though not the sick part). I'm glad you're feeling better, and thank you for sharing your trip with us.

(The lighthouse on your head is my favorite. :-p )