Sunday, August 16, 2009

"More Golf!"

Milo LOVES golf! We got him a cheap little plastic golf set a while back and it was the best $5 we have ever spent. He spends hours everyday batting the little golf ball around the house with the club of his choosing. He also loves to watch golf. I don't understand it, it's a major snooze fest for me, but if it makes him happy it's ok by me. He really doesn't sit down and watch it but he likes to have it playing in the back ground while he plays his own game of golf on the living room floor. Chris will record the golf tournaments on the DVR and as soon as they start the music and flash up the standings of the players Milo immediately stops what he's doing and starts bouncing around saying "More golf! More golf!". So Chris will fast forward through the commercials to "more golf". I swear Milo will never know what a commercial even is! We either watch PBS which doesn't really have commercials or we record what we want to watch and watch it at a time that is convenient for us and skip all the commercials. I've noticed that if I do happen to watch live TV now that I get highly frustrated with how slowly the show goes by even though I spent most of my life without the luxury of DVR. It's makes me wonder if we're raising an impatient generation.

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Shannah said...

How fun that he loves GOLF! ;)