Sunday, August 9, 2009

Swim Lessons

Milo has been taking swimming lesson for the passed two weeks and alternately loving and hating every minute of it. For the first week we would get in the water and he would be splash around happy for about the first 5 or 10 minutes and then he would cry the whole rest of the time. Daddy came to visit us at the end of the week and he did MUCH better that day. I think he just needed something to focus on outside the pool. The 2nd week went better than the first. He started having more fun especially after I discover he really likes the boat toy more than any other toys they had.

The diving board though he HATES! The first time he went off it I took him up there, we walked out the the end and I was just going to hand him to the instructor. But I swung him out and let go of him higher than I meant to and he plunged to the water like a torpedo. It freaked me out and I screamed "oh my God!" but he was fine and all the other kids before him had just been tossed off the board by their parents so wasn't anything new. The second time we went off the board a few days later Milo knew what was coming and wouldn't walk all the way to the end of the board. I had to nudge him out to the end with my knee. The third time we stared to go up the steps he was clinging to me crying saying "No, No, Down." We didn't do it that time. I just couldn't bring myself to make him. The next day however was the last day of swimming lessons and I figured he needed to try it one more time so I carried him right to the end, pried his little fingers from my swim suit, unhooked his little feet from around my waist sat him down facing me not out at the water and, again meant to just hand him down to the instructor, however a crying squirming toddler is not an easy thing to maneuver so he slipping and plunged right in. *sigh* It will be a while before we ever go of the driving board again.

We got to play the last day of swim lessons so daddy came and took some pics!

Ah, the diving board...

I had to make up with Milo for pitching him off the diving board so we played in the fountain a little again before we left. He forgave me :)

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