Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It's a Boy!!

We had our 20 week Sonogram on Thurs. and we found out that IT'S A BOY!! They usually don't do 3D images at this stage in the game so that is why there is not a lot of definition in the 3D pic. He wouldn't move his hand away from his face either so they had a hard time getting a good pic of his face. I guess he was just comfortable and not going to move!

After getting over my disappointment in it's not being a girl I am starting to get excited about having a boy. I must admit that it helped a lot to have finally come up with an interesting theme for the room. We are doing Sock Monkey's!! I found this great Sock Monkey fabric online and my mother-in-law is going to help me make bedding and stuff! YAY!


Shannah said...

Hooray for Abby! Hooray for blogging!

So now when I mention you in my blog, do you want me to link here? Or is this a secret blog? ;-)

Nessa said...

Hi Abby! I am so glad you decided to start blogging! We miss you so much and now we can keep up with you a little better.

Sock Monkeys! That's cute!