Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Stuff!! (finally)

We got our Stroller and Infant Car Seat today, and they are just beautiful! I am so excited because I finally feel like we on our way. I am 20 weeks pregnant and we hadn't done anything to prepare for our son eminent arrival and I was a little bit freaked out, but I feel calmer now that at least something is finally here. I also got the sock monkey fabric samples in today. They are so cute! I am going to go out and see what kind of coordinating materials I can find so we can get started on the room!


Shannah said...

Ooooh.... I love the blue and brown!

I was just stopping by to show you this:
(scroll down to the "Monster" sweater)
I think it's SOOOOO cute! Maybe I'll buy it and make it.

Hope shopping is going well.

Nessa said...

You have such great taste! I love the colors!