Thursday, October 25, 2007

1 Month Old!

It's a definite sign of how my life has changed that I meant to get this post up yesterday on Milo's actual 1 month birthday but all I actually got typed was the title and then I had to go and tend to a crying baby and never got back.

Milo is doing so well and is hitting all of his mile stones! He is beginning to grab onto things (not purposefully yet but he is definitely figuring out what his hands are for). He's holding up his head really well, tracking objects moving around him, and starting to sleep longer at nigh (Hallelujah!!!).

As for me the more I hold him, change him, nurse him, comforting him and just plain take care of him day in and day out the more I feel like his momma. My love and feeling of connectedness is growing by the day. I guess I always knew that I would love my baby the minute I saw him but it would take time for that intense bond that mother's talk about to develop. I've always been the kind of person who is slow to make close intense bonds but once I do I'm yours for life. It only seems natural to me that it would be this way even with my child, after all I didn't change who I am just because I had a baby.


Shannah said...

He's gorgeous in that picture.

Of course it takes time. You're doing great.

Hug to you, hug to Milo and "happy birthday, baby"!

Nessa said...

I cannot believe he is one month old already! He is so adorable!

It does take time, but isn't being a mom the best thing ever?

Love to you all!