Monday, October 22, 2007

1st Night Away From Home (Momma Cried)

Milo spent his first night away from us on Saturday and it was so very hard on me. Chris has been studying for a certification test that he is going to take in two weeks and since baby boy has been home we haven’t gotten a lot of sleep, so Chris’ parents said they would take Milo and some frozen milk for the night so we could get a good nights rest. I was doing really well and not at all emotional right up until the moment when I had to hand him over and walk out the door then I just broke down crying saying that I couldn’t leave him. It completely surprised me that it was that hard to leave my son with his grandparents that live like 5 miles down the road. I mean it wasn’t as if we were leaving him with strangers who lived on a different continent. I cried the whole way home and then some after we got there but I did make it and got a good nights rest despite myself. Milo, of course, did great. I was worried about him drinking out of a bottle because he had only done it twice up until that point, but Sheralyn said he did great after she figured out that he stopped drinking after the milk got cool. Apparently he’ll only take it warm.

On another note we are starting to work with him on be able to sooth himself so that we can just lay him down in the bassinet and let him go to sleep with out having to hold him or rock him to sleep. It’s also majorly hard on momma. It breaks my heart to listen to him cry it out, but I know it will be the best thing for both of us in the long run.

On yet another note, I love it when people stop me in the store and tell me what a pretty baby I have! Some people have said they don't think they should call a boy pretty but he is. I certainly don't mind if they call my son pretty. I think he is freaking gorgeous!

Here are a few pics taken the day he rolled over.

Superman! (he’s about to fly away)

“I stick out my tongue at you”

Look at my 3 week olds neck strength

“I’m not listening”

“(Yawn) all this picture taking has gotten a baby worn out”

About to roll over

What a beautiful boy!

Trying to get off the ground

He-man pose

Looking lovingly at mamma

Daddy and Milo

Little grin!


The Q. Family said...

Abby he is precious! And he has a perfect belly button! =)

Nessa said...

OMG! He is so cute!