Wednesday, October 17, 2007

3 weeks and Major Achievements!

We had a heck of a day today! First around midnight while Chris was changing Milo’s diaper his umbilical stump fell off, so my son now has an official belly button. I am not sure what to do with the stump now. Part of me thinks “that’s gross throw it away” and another part of me is sad that that last remaining link to his time in the uterus is gone. I was so uncomfortable during the last part of my pregnancy that I never thought I would miss it, but now that I am 3 weeks removed from it and the bad parts are distant memories I really miss the big belly at times.

As big as loosing the umbilical stump was though, this afternoon after Chris got home from work we were in the nursery having some “tummy time” on the floor and MILO ROLLED OVER!!! I had just laid him down on his tummy and he pushed himself right back over onto his back! Chris and I were in total shock. The doctor said that he was a strong baby and he can hold his head up pretty well sometimes but, WOW, I think rolling over at 3 weeks is pretty amazing. I was so excited I was shouting and kissing him all over. I have the world’s most amazing baby!

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Nessa said...

Wow! I cannot believe it! That is great! Give him lots of kisses from Aunt Nessa.