Thursday, October 11, 2007

2 week update

My Gosh, Where to start? It’s been quite a ride these last two weeks! We had a Dr. appointment for Milo on the Monday after we got home on Friday from the hospital just as a check to make sure that everything was still going well and he had gained all of his birth weight back (he had lost almost a pound in the hospital). The Dr. joked that he must be a little over achiever. We went again to the Dr. for his newborn screen at two weeks and he had gained another 6 ounces in just a week. He is in about the 95th percentile for his length and about the 75th percentile for weight The doc says he’s looking like he’ll be a big bruiser boy.

The nights have been rough on Chris and me but I think that’s just because we aren’t used to having to wake up every few hours. Milo has actually been pretty good about sleeping until him feedings. There have been a few nights when he wanted to talk after he got done but all in all it hasn’t been too bad. He’s still getting the hang of sleeping in his bassinet rather than having to be cuddled up against mom and dad to go to sleep.

When I was 8 months pregnant I was chosen to be a maternity model for a local photographer and Milo was going to be one of her newborn models, so when he was 9 days old we went to have his session done and we just got to see the pics from both sessions today. I think that they turned out really well. I, of course, really love the ones of Milo. I mean after all he is the cutest baby ever!

Here are a few proofs from those sessions.


Shannah said...

Wow oh wow -- what fabulous pictures!!!

Milo is just so perfect.

Nessa said...

Those are awesome! You all look fantastic, as usual!

The Q. Family said...

Wow Abs! These are gorgeous! You are right, Milo is pretty darn cute! I love how he looks all curled up tight. And you look fantatsic! 9 days postpartum... WOW! Thanks for sharing the pictures.