Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We certainly did! We did Christmas with Chris' family on Christmas eve, which was fun, but unfortunately I forgot my camera so I don't have any pics of the event. We did our little family Christmas at home on Christmas morning. I LOVED going and getting baby boy out of his crib and taking him in to see his presents. We didn't wrap any thing because I hadn't done it before we opened presents with the in-laws the day before and I discovered there that Milo has no interest yet in tearing off wrapping paper so we decided we would save ourselves the trouble and not wrap his gifts. We got him a Pound Puppy that looks similar to Bailey, a set of big Legos and a push car. We had Christmas with my family on Saturday at my parents house. I did remember to bring my camera for that one but I didn't' realize the batteries were about to die until after I got there.

Milo LOVES his car! At first he just walked up to it and checked stuff out but wouldn't get in it.
Daddy got him in though and after that he didn't want to get out!
He checked out all the features of the car just like you would do to a real car you were thinking about buying. It must be an innate boy thing!
Mommy's little speedster
He loved to honk the horn! We would say "Beep Beep Milo!" and he would push it!
"This is fun!"
Checking out the cup holder
He loved his puppy too, he kept cuddling it and it didn't take him long to figure out that the nose was a great place to bite. I hope he doesn't try to do that to the real Bailey!
The trunk is a great place to store his puppy
"Let's go Daddy!!!"
"Beep , Beep!"
He would get out the the car to play with his other presents so we brought them to him to check out while he sat in it.
Obviously Legos go in the cup holder.
"hmmmm...good legos..."
Checking out a toy he got from his Nanny and Papa
He would drop toys over the side of the car and then get us to get them for him so he wouldn't have to get out.
He got a Tickle Me Cookie Monster at his Nanny and Papa's and he is TERRIFIED of the thing. It makes my heart break and makes me laugh all at the same time when it goes off and he gets frightened and starts whimpering and clamoring to get up in my lap. I tried it again a couple of days later to see if it was just the newness that scared him but he's still scared. I will put it away and try it again when he's a little older.
I made blueberry muffins and Milo helped me out by playing with a potato masher and a cup cake wrapper.
Lest you think Bailey was for gotten, he got a bone from his Nanny and Papa as well!



Nessa said...

Cute, cute, cute! Glad y'all had a great Christmas! Wish we could've been there. Milo has a bunch of stuff down here too; we'll send it up the next time someone heads that way.

MOMMY-MOMO said...

my little guy has that car in red and still LOVES it (he's 19 months now!)

Shannah said...

I see Bailey's got his beautiful winter haircut (and am reminded that Roxie got a bone like that, too, that I forgot to give her...).

How funny that Milo loves the car so much! All boy, that one.