Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Should Vs. Rather

I find as my day goes by that there are lots of things I "should" be doing. But I also find that I would rather being doing many other things. For instance,

I "should" be cleaning up after hurricane Milo,

I would rather be watching the hurricane in motion.

I "should" be doing the mountain of laundry I have in my laundry room,

I would rather watch my baby explore his world. (Those are my shoes he is carrying, he took them into the laundry room to throw them on the floor, over and over again, because he likes the sound it made.)

I "should" pick up the sock monkey slippers that got drug out into the hall way,

I would rather watch him try them on.

Who wouldn't rather spend their time with the sweet mug than doing nasty old house work!



Shannah said...

You are a gifted photographer.

And I think you "should" be watching Milo, too.


And by the way--I was so taken aback by all of your beautiful posts yesterday that I didn't leave any comments. Beautiful families, and you have done a wonderful job.

I'm using your Christmas card, too. I've already printed it off...

...maybe this "comment" should have been an e-mail?

Growing up said...


I used this site

But I found after a week or so blogger had changed a few things and then I had to take out another part ";width: 267px; height: 400px;"
I dont know if I had to do that because I had setting saved or not, but it was very simple, you'll also have to go and change the width of the page its the first step on this page ( I tired her way of making photos larger and well found it to be more work!)