Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fun at the Farm

The other weekend Chris and I went down to my grandparents farm and got to spend some time with my family. Baby Boy stayed at home with his Nanny and Papa because We got invited to attend the Cowboys game. So on Sunday we drove up to big D and watch the Cowboys game from one of the luxury suites! I think the best thing was that we got to park right up against the stadium. LOL!

Here are a few pics:
I got to take pics of my nieces and nephews while I was there (more of those later) Here Grant, Aubrey and Garret are checking out the chicken coup.
We went down to the pond and met of the of the donkeys there.
I guess he was feeling lonely becuase he came up to our car after we got in to leave and tried to stick his head in.
Chris offered him a peace offering of a pretzel
He took it and let us be on our merry way.
Grayson and his bike.
And he's off, no time to chat
Chris' Grandparents got to come to the game with us. They really enjoyed it and had such a good time.
The unwillingly photographed Memaw
Chris blocking my view with his cookie.
This was the first game for not only me but our host's son as well.
Players warming up on the field.
I now know why they don't show the half time on TV. It was boooooooring! The Cowboys really need to invest in a good marching band :)
Of course by that time I was getting antsy. I am not really a football fan any way and the excitement wore off after about half the game.


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Shannah said...

The farm looks fun! And hey, boring or not, you can say you were in a "luxury suite"!