Saturday, January 3, 2009

He Loves His Bath!

I was cleaning the bathroom the other morning and Milo was playing at my feet. He went over to the tub and started patting the side. When I didn't pay attention to him he climbed over the side and got in to play with his toys! He's never done that before, I didn't even know he could! It was cute but also a little scary, if he can get in then he can turn the water on and that could definitely be a hazard if I wasn't in the bathroom with him to supervise. Ever since then I have doubled my efforts to keep the bathroom door closed so he can't get in there by himself.
Ofcourse I had to snap pics!

I figured if he was wanting in the bath that much might as well let him splash around. That kids does love his bath!



MOMMY-MOMO said...

My lil guy LOVES baths! Always has. He looks forward to them every night and then sleeps great!

Shannah said...

I see he has something else from you--that need for cleanliness!

(Now, how good a dishwasher will he be?)

TERS! said...


how do make your adorable signatures???


The Q. Family said...

How cute! Collin LOVES bath too! He slaps the side of the tub, screams, and *tries* to climb in, but hasn't been successful yet! Maybe I should start shutting our door too!