Monday, January 26, 2009

Uhg! What a Day!

My day started at 4:30 this morning at my parents house with Milo screaming. I go into check on him and he has puked all over the bed. So I get him up, strip him down and give him a bath. Then I have to stripe the bed and take everything in it to the washer. There is not another crib sheet for the crib in my parents house that they have had since I was a baby and put up for the grandbabies so I have to improvise with a flat sheet for a queen bad wrapped around the crib mattress. I finally get Milo back in bed and as I pull up on the side to close it all the slat come out and the whole side falls apart! My mother is up at this point so I leave Milo with her while I run out to the car to get the port-a-crib that we brought with us to use while we were at my grandmothers house and get it set up and finally get Milo back down.

Milo and I get up a few hours later and get packed and take off for home. He's still not feeling well and sleeps the whole way home which, I must admit, was nice. He has taken to recently taken to whining in the car on any trip longer than going to the grocery store.

I get home and take a few things in before I unload Milo and what greets me in the hall way? DOG DIARRHEA! Baily had apparently gotten sick and pooped all over hall way and the kitchen tile. I put Bailey out and get Milo and put him in his crib because I cant' let him run around with I clean up or he would get into the mess. He is NOT happy about this and screams the entire 45 minutes it takes me to clean up. I got to take out the trash and apparently I didn't close the back gate well because Bailey gets out and takes off for a romp around the neighborhood. I can't go look for him because it's freezing and beginning to snow and Milo doesn't feel well so Chris says he'll come home and go looking for him. While waiting for Chris to get home I open the front door and call for Bailey. After a few minutes he come charging around the corner, tail wagging and covered in mud!

All the while Milo has not had a wet diaper all day and has taken no more than a few sips of Gatorade. I put in a call to the Dr. and they call back saying to try and get him to drink something (duh!) and if he still hasn't had a wet diaper by tomorrow morning we would need to take him to the ER so they can give him IV fluids!

What a day!


Nessa said...

Hope he gets to feeling better soon! Sounds like y'all have had more than your fair share of illness lately.

Sending you hugs, love, and wishes for a better day tomorrow.

Shannah said...

Oh my gosh, Abby!

Keep us posted--you are all in my prayers.

The Q. Family said...

Rough!! You have totally had enough sickness in your house lately! It's someone else's turn! Hope Milo feels better soon my friend!

Elaine said...

Ok... I would have been a puddle of tears!!! What a day! I pray sweet Milo feels better soon.

Nikki Bettis said...

Ok, Abby...I'm laughing. I'm right there with you sister. We've had more than our fair share of days like that. And once they pass you can't help but just sit and laugh it off...once you're done crying. I feel your pain but am laughing in the midst...only cause we've been there so many times before...including the all nighters, diarrheaing dogs on the run and pooping, puking kids. Though I haven't had a crib fall apart on me just yet. I think that's about the funniest part of your story only cause of the mental pic it provides. LOL! I had fun last weekend! Milo was so sweet and so much fun. The children are asking when they can play with him again. Evye and Aubrey LOVE him. I think Gavin's just taken with the novelty of someone his size. LOL!