Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Poop Everywhere

The tummy bug has hit us hard for the last two weeks. It all started with Milo puking and having major diarrhea on January 1st and hasn't really let up until now. It was so strange, he would get better for a day and then vomit and start having diarrhea all over again the next day. We have been keeping him hydrated the best we can and keeping him on the BRAT diet but it didn't seem to be helping. I called the Dr. several times during all of this and they said it was just the stomach flu that has been going around and if he didn't stop after 10 days they wanted me to bring in a dirty diaper so they could test and make sure it's nothing else. By day 12 he still had explosive diapers and so I took a diaper in. They said I should hear something by the next day but they didn't call so I called them today. Apparently I accidentally brought in the wrong diaper. I brought a wet diaper rather than a dirty one. Oops! They were supposed to call me and tell me that I made a mistake but there was a miscommunication and I never got called. They said I could bring in another diaper but Milo is doing better now so I will just wait to see if this really is the end of it. I have thought so many times over the last 14 days that he was getting over it just to have him start all over again so we will see if this lasts. I certainly hope that it does, I am tired of washing so much laundry. He has gone threw at least 3 outfits a day lately and I've had to wash his bedding several times. He has been a trooper though if it weren't for he poop soaking threw his clothes and the vomit on the carpet you would never know he was sick!


The Q. Family said...

BLESS YOUR HEART!! I know *exactly* how you feel! Collin is still having diarrhea (though not as much) and vomited a little this afternoon and 2 nights ago, even though I thought it was all done. WTH is this virus?!?!!! Have you or Chris gotten it? {{{praying for healing vibes to the M-household!!}}}

Shannah said...

Oh Abby--POOR YOU. I don't know exactly how you feel, but it must be terrible.

(But I'm so glad to see a post. Miss you.)

That doctor's office is ridiculous. Should have called you.

Good luck with everything. Sounds like you are being a fabulous mother, as per usual. You two definitely bought a new washer/dryer at the right time. Ugh.