Saturday, January 17, 2009

"I'm going with Momma!"

Milo is in an I-want-Momma phase which is totally normal for his age. I was leaving this evening to go get us food and I barely made it to the door before he saw me about to leave and started freaking out and running over to get me before I could escape. I, of course, picked him up because I just can't make myself walk out the door when he is in clear distress over my leaving. From my arms he waved goodbye to Chris and pointed to the door. He was not going to take "you're not going with me" for an answer. He did NOT want to be left behind!

I love that I am his favorite person right now. I know it might not always be the case, especially when he gets to be a too-cool-for-mom teenager, so I am soaking it up while I can!

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Jenna said...

Abby! I saw you commented on my blog, Thanks! how fun that you have one too! Anywho, I got the hat off of a website.., its a little pricey but such a cute keepsake!