Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Family Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with Chris’ family yesterday and had a blast. My parents came up on Christmas Eve and spent the night with us and my mom and I went shopping for Milo Christmas gift while Chris, my dad, my father-in-law, Grandfather-in-law, and Brother-in-law went bowling. On Christmas morning Sheralyn (my mother-in-law) made all of us breakfast and we played games and mom and dad played and sang until lunch. Then it was present time and Ethan (my nephew) had a blast passing out presents and opening them. Milo slept through all of that which was amazing given the noise level! I can’t wait until next year when Milo will be able to toddle around and open his own presents. The adults had a white elephant gift exchange and a couples gift exchange which was a blast. I love that my parents and In-laws can have Christmas together and it be such a joyful relaxed time. They really do like each other and enjoy each others company, it makes life so nice. I definitely got blessed when I married Chris, not only with the worlds best husband but with the worlds best in-laws as well!

Here are a few pics:

Papa found his grand-dog a new ball for Christmas

Sweet Brooke (my niece)

Ethan (my nephew) cuddling with his mom

Silly Memaw (my grandmother-in-law)

I was trying to take a pic of Milo with the tree background but he was really not liking it.

Brooke was Chewing on my camera strap as I took her pic

My husband is so silly

Mom and Dad entertaining the crowd

Ethan trapped by Chris' big feet

Waiting patiently to open presents

Milo Sleeping on Gamaw

Milo playing on the floor in his penguin outfit

Ethan helping Nanny pass out presents

His cool big present

Chris opening Milo's gifts. I think he is going to inherit his daddy's penguin obsession

Sheralyn gave all the guys a hand held game called 20 questions and after they all opened them things got really quiet and these pics were happening all at the same time.

Ethan got a guitar for Christmas and here he is, a future Rock Star in the making

Brooke was taking a nap during the present opening but when she got up she got to open hers too.

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