Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Pooh on His Hands"

Last night while I was cleaning the kitchen Chris got Baby Boy ready for bed. As I am scrubbing pots and pans Chris comes just to where I can't see him and says "Honey, he got Pooh on his hands." I said in an incredulous tone "Poo on his hands!" Thinking to myself "eww, I hope he washed it off." And as he came around the corner so I could see Milo this is what he was wearing:

My husband is so silly :)

Here are a couple of bath pics

You can almost read his mind: "Momma! I'm COLD"

And after the warm water was sprayed on him he's much better

We put Milo in the bassinet to play so we could get dressed for church last Sunday and we still aren't quite sure how he did it but he got his whole arm out of the top of his PJs. My baby is so funny. We love to just sit and be amused by him!

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Shannah said...

He's so cute! I want pooh on my hands, too.

I hope church is going well... good for you!